Saturday, November 22, 2008

Live Blogging: The Game, The Second Half

asleep, but I'm keeping an ear on her.

Halftime thoughts: Michigan's defense is stout. It's too bad for them that their offense has been so erratic all year. They could have won some more games this year had the offense scored a few points.

Ohio State will need to open things up a bit, get Pryor rolling out of the pocket. Overall, I'm not worried. I realize Michigan is playing maybe its best game of the season, but there's no way they will be able to keep up.

My biggest worry is my bet with GE. It will be tough for Ohio State to win this one by 19+. We'll see.

I didn't miss this kickoff. Who cares where Paul McGuire is?

All we need are a few more 42-yard runs by Beanie. Flipped the field. Woo-hoo!

Or a 49-yarder by Herron for a touchdown! This is quintessential Tressel-ball. When Tressel is on his game, he always makes good adjustments at halftime...especially versus Michigan. 21-7. All we need is one more TD and shutout Michigan the rest of the way. Then I win the bet.

James "The Little Animal" Laurinaitis' mom is named Lora...Lora
Laurinaitis. You can't make this stuff up.

Shit! Roughing the punter on Ohio State.

Beanie left the game. That sucks. He is one of my current crushes. More on that in a future post.

Just refilled my water glass. No beer today, even though I just loaded up for Genocide Celebration DayTM. I bought so much beer that I'm a little embarrassed to report how much I spent. This time of year is rough on the bank accounts of beer drinkers (not sure that I rate as "beer nerd" just yet). All the breweries release all these special brews for the holidays. There's just so much from which to choose and so little time.

Lucia's waking. I've got to hurry!

Left to get the baby and a bottle. Returned to see Ray Small make an 80+yard punt return. I'm happy for that kid. He was suspended for two weeks for skipping classes. I'm glad to see him back and contributing.

Pryor, Robiskie: touchdown. That's 28-7, GE.

Had to step away for the baby. Returned to see Pryor's biggest, best play of the day and Boom Herron running close to the goal line.

Looking at a possible interception in the end zone. I need this to be incomplete for the bet.

The call goes our way. Herron scores. 35-7. I'll start looking for an OSU pic for GE to post.

Lu's just chillin', watching The Game. Look below.

Hummer commercial: Why are they still selling Hummers? Hasn't anyone figured out that they are no good for the environment, the wallet, or everyone else's safety? Of course, the fact that they're playing the ad during the football game tells you the level of sophistication of the audience. What does that say about me?

Fumble on the kickoff! This is about to get ugly. This is for all those Cooper years. I'd love for Ohio State to put fifty on the board, but 42 should do the trick. This won't erase Desmond Howard's Heisman pose or Tim Biakabutuka, but it will help.

Todd Boeckman's in! About three ineffective games into the season, Boeckman was replaced by freshman Terrelle Pryor. It was a good move. Pryor is more mobile and is actually cooler in the pocket than Boeckman. Sure, Boeckman was all-Big Ten, a senior captain, and led the Buckeyes to the BCS championship game, but he has been terribly ineffective for a while now. Pryor's the future, gives Ohio State its best chance to win, and has just played better.

Touchdown! The TD actually calms the baby for a moment.

I'm back from a diaper change. Missed some action and still have a cranky baby.

Here goes Griese again. He's such an ass. It's been seven or eight games since the quarterback change and he's still harping on it. Give it a rest. Michigan's getting whipped. Apparently Tressel made one good decision this year.

This thing is winding down: 42-7. The announcers are talking about dancing with the stars and gold pants. Again, Griese with the snide comments. He doesn't get it. How long has he covered this game? I would think a college football analyst covering the sport's greatest rivalry would be aware of one of the traditions. My friends, that's what you call a Google.

Laraunitis earns player of the game with his 11 tackles and some ridiculously vicious hits. Actually, for as fired up as Michigan acted before and at the beginning of the game, they were certainly out hit the entire afternoon.

Five in a row. Tress is 7-1. Buckeyes go 10-2. Now we wait and see if Michigan State can beat Penn State, giving OSU a shot at the Rose Bowl.

Here's an image for GE to post on his blog...

Or this will do...

Either way, go buy GE's book. I honestly haven't read it, but it's on my list. Look for at least one more person to buy your book this week, GE.


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