Sunday, November 23, 2008

Top Ten Crushes of 2008

I realize that I'm getting a big head start on the end-of-year lists, but this one came to me while I was driving for work the other day.

I have had many crushes over the past year. And by definition, a crush hurts. So, there's nothing sexual or adulterous about it. I simply see intriguing people whom I can't seem to get off my mind. Some have been crushes of mine for a while. Some are cliched, but all are definitely crush-worthy.

10. Chris "Beanie" Wells

Beanie has proven throughout this season to be the best Buckeye on Ohio State's squad. He runs through, around, and over defenders. Of course, Beanie broke my heart with that mysterious foot injury that cost the Buckeyes the USC game. Still, he steamrolled Michigan once again this past Saturday.

9. Tina Fey

OK. This is cliched and I've mentioned this crush before, but how can you not have a crush on the hapless Liz Lemon? Or be more attracted to Fey's Sarah Palin than Palin herself? Tina Fey may have a permanent spot on this list.

8. Zooey Deschanel

I first noticed Deschanel on Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe, then she sang with M Ward under the moniker She and Him, I was hooked. She has that girl-next-door thing or the cute barista without all the unnecessary skankiness of the adult film industry or teen angst melodramas.

7. The Bloggers at Feministing

Yes, I am what a feminist looks writes like. I get the feminist 411 from the womyn of Feministing. No topic is off limits. No stone is left unturned. Besides great feminist coverage, Feministing avoids the typical pitfalls of pop feminist ideology: an ignorance of race and class privilege. If you don't read them, you should.

6. Thao Nguyen

Few releases in 2008 have appealed to all my senses the way Thao Nguyen's We Brave Bee Stings and All has. I'll have more to say on this with my top-32 of 2008 list. But for now, you should download her set at Daytrotter, which is where I found Thao.

5. Jay Smooth

H/T to Feministing for pointing this guy out to its readers. Jay Smooth is a blogger, vlogger, hip-hop commentator who sets things straight with his videos on sexism, politics, or whatever topic needs to be talked about. The best part is that he makes the message super critical and thought-provoking without sounding like a know-it-all. Plus, he was once featured in a Nas video.

4. Art School Pam

I love the American The Office, but I never got how all the men in said office (sans Oscar) were head-over-heels in love with the secretary, Pam. Sure, she was cute and very sly with her wit, but she just didn't do it for me. Now, she's left the desk and moved to NYC for art school (and now moved back with Jim, but whatever). I like the new, outgoing Pam. Her humor is now in the forefront and she is realizing her dreams. Sorry for the extra cheese factor, but me likes art school Pam better than frustrated secretary Pam.

3. The Obamas

So, Michelle is fierce and Barack is sort of pretty. Really. Besides actually bringing some high intellect (and integrity) to the White House, the first family elect has got to be the hottest first couple ever. I've had crushes on both since last year. That's why they share the #3 slot.

2. Stephen Malkmus

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I have a crush on Stephen Malkmus. His drunken show at the Note did little if anything to change that. He will forever be the man who wrote "Here" or "Box Elder" or any number of Pavement classics. He will forever be that other voice on Silver Jew records. And Stephen Malkmus will always be my generation's Bob Dylan/Lou Reed/Michael Jackson.

1. Lucia

My biggest crush is on this little person who completed our family a little over ten weeks ago. She teaches me patience and an unending love every day. Lucia will break my heart many times over her lifetime, but I will always have room for her in my heart. Lucia will forever be #1 on my crush list and I will be forever indebted to her mother for bringing her into this world. (Sorry for the sappiness.)

There are more lists to come...


Anonymous said...

What this list doesn't show is that I am #11-25.

Hells yeah.

comoprozac said...

You called me out, Lovey!

Pizza Cottontail said...

A crush list just isn't a crush list without Daniel Craig or Philip Roth. Kudos on the Barack Obama pick.

KR said...

Alright, Como. You're too damn cute with the nod to your wifey. I need a good man like that.

By the way, hi everyone!