Sunday, November 16, 2008

Running on Empty

I never realized it would be so hard to keep up with the blogging after the kid was born. Sure, I thought that it would slow, but this is ridiculous. I don't think I posted one proper piece all last week. I've had several things started, shelved, and lost due to timeliness. That doesn't even mention my lack of posts on all my other blogs.

It's not just the time we have to spend with Lucia. Oh no. It started with the birth itself. The two weeks off work put me so far behind that I've never caught up. Additionally, I can't use the evenings or weekends to get caught up. Now my life consists of baby, work, eat, sleep. That's it.

Here are a few things about which I have been thinking.

There's the politic.

I am tired of the Left. Sure, I will still take a leftist political stance. I don't plan to vote for a Republican until they get out of our bedrooms, leave women's bodies alone, and give up on the trickle down theory, but I digress.

I am tired that the Left is picking at every little decision Barac
k Obama has made or could potentially make. Progressives have this annoying habit of constantly critiquing their own leaders and policies, never accomplishing anything except to undermine their own causes, doing the Right's work for them.

Look, Barack Obama is as politically left as we're going to get in the next eight years. Deal with it. Anything is better than what we've had to endure over the past eight years. Plus, Obama has a friendly Congress and the potential to appoint three Supreme Court justices. Lay off him for a second. Let's celebrate his victory and see what happens.

In the meantime, subscribe to his Fireside Chats, brought to by YouTube.

There are jock straps.

Ohio State has had a rather successful season besides their inability to retur
n to the national championship. They could potentially win a share of their fourth straight Big Ten championship. They have discovered a bona fide star in Terrelle Pryor. Sure, everyone knew that he would be good, but not this soon. Now begins Michigan week. Nothing else matters if they don't beat Michigan.

Speaking of Michigan week. One of my faithful readers is a Michigan man. I was wondering if he would like to place a friendly wager on the game. I'm thinking that for a week the loser will post the logo for the winning team. What do you say, GE?

Oh, there is a football team in COMO as well. Mizzou just clinched the Big 12 North. That means they will get a chance to play Texas Tech or Texas in a couple of weeks. Some prize, huh? It's sort of like last year's game in which the Tigers got a chance to lose to Oklahoma for the second time in one year.

Of course, there is a difference this year. Mizzou has won the North easily. They will crush Kansas next week. The KU game was the major focus of their season last
year. This year, they can focus on pulling off the upset, sort of like Kansas State did several years ago in upsetting OU.

There is always music.

I don't have much new music on which to report. However, with December quickly approaching, a favorite feature from last year will return. In case you missed it, I posted the top 31 albums of 2007, one album for each day of December. This year, I will raise t
he stakes and add another album, making it the top 32 of 2008. Look for my first post on the first of December. Each post will be 32 words long and highlight one song from the albums as well as include my own patented rating system.

Be sure to check and see how much my top ten has changed since the middle of the year. You can look here. (Don't bother with the comments.)

And there is the baby.

Lucia will celebrate her first Thanksgiving in true comoprozac/R-style. A lot will be posted on the festivities. So, I will just leave you with this image of Lu in the T-day onesie h
er auntie bought for her. (Sorry for the crustiness and general bad mood of the baby.)


Kate said...

It looks great on her! I just wish she was little more excited about wearing it.

GE said...

Um, seems like a pretty lopsided bet this year, huh CP? Do I get any of the 19 points? (I'm a fan, but I'm rational.)

Also, I feel the need to say I told you so, re: babies and blogging.

comoprozac said...

You're right. Normally I would never give or take points in this rivalry, but this year is different. I'll give you the points. OSU wins by 19 or more, you post their logo on your blog. Michigan only loses by 18 or less, I'll post their logo. (I threw up a little in my moth just then.)

comoprozac said...

You were right about babies and blogging as well.

ks said...

1. Right on about the politics...For one, Kim Gandy & NOW need to quit it. They're pissing me off.
2. Good luck Saturday...beat the poo out of Michigan.
3. Mizzou's going to get their asses handed to them by Harrell/Crabtree and all the other Red Raiders of Texas Tech. That should be a fun game to watch.
4. Poor Lucia. She looked very unhappy...but still beautiful, you lucky ducks.

GE said...

It's a bet. And I know that logo will inlcude a link to buy my book!

comoprozac said...

It's on like Donkey Kong!

Actually, I already linked one of my OSU/UM posts to your book. I have no problem selling your wares on my blog.