Saturday, November 22, 2008

Live Blogging: The Game

10:45 CST
Just chillin' and waiting for kickoff. I wonder if Lucia will be able to keep up her good mood so that I miss very little of the game?

10:49 CST
Michigan looks a little frisky. The teams met at mid-field for some jawing...of course, Michigan forgot to play offense the last time this happened. We'll see.

10:55 CST

Herbie and Corso both pick tOSU big. I have to use the bathroom now.

11:03 CST
Read some of the year-end issue of Paste while in the bathroom. Interesting list. I may have to check out the Nick Cave release. I've heard a lot of good things about it. I'll comment on some of the other selections as the game moves on.

I am already tired of hearing how the records don't matter in this rivalry...except that neither team ever comes in with 8 losses like Michigan does today. Really. This Michigan team is not very good. In this case, records do matter.

Missed kickoff because I had to move the baby's swing to her nursery. Argh.


I would be swearing up a storm right now if I wasn't blogging. F-ing Pryor threw a pick! Also, I'm jittery from too much coffee.

Defense holds. Michigan gets nothing. What? Now I'm super jittery.

Paste placed Mates of State at #24 on their list. Why? Apparently they read boring and married as maturing. Whatev.

Ooh, Lost is coming back! What are they gonna do now that everybody's off the island? I realize not everyone left the island, but all the best characters (sans those who died) have left. It should be interesting. When does it begin again? Like February? Great. That's two months of hype only to be let down by the season premier, causing us to have more questions than ever before. I love that show.

I am already tired of Bob Griese. He is such a homer. His kid played for Michigan and he always picks on Ohio State. I am done with him. Now Pryor gets sacked again and the Buckeyes send a terrible punt to Michigan. At least the defense showed up today.

Go Beanie!!! Touchdown! It's about freakin' time. Beanie up the middl
e for 59 yards. Man, had he not hurt his foot this year, he would have won the Heisman. Oh well. Maybe he'll come back next year.

Back to the Paste list...This is why Paste's music coverage is suspect: They placed mediocre releases by the aforementioned Mates of State, as well as My Morning Jacket, Of Montreal, The Hold Steady, and Girl Talk (I HATE mash-up acts.). Of course, all of these will be on everyone else's lists. So, what do I know?


Chris Carter (all he ever does is catch touchdowns) is on the Ohio State sideline. I like that he's talking to Ray Small. That kid needs some mentoring, Small that is. I still remember getting Carter's signature at the spring game after he left for the NFL. Carter was declared ineligible after his junior year when he took some money from an agent. He was still the greatest OSU receiver ever.

Lucia has now joined me in time for the second quarter.


Touchdown! Pryor to Hartline for 53 yards! He missed one like this earlier. I'm glad to see that they went back to it. That's what Michigan gets for stacking up against the run. 14-0, let the route begin.

The baby is cranky. Apparently she doesn't appreciate the greatest rivalry in all of college football. That's OK. She's only 10 weeks old. So I'll round up the Moby and see if R wants to nurse her some more.

Beanie comes up limping, calls off the replacement, and runs for a first down.


Hm, Michigan's band actually performed the first ever Script Ohio. That just seems blasphemous now. Of course, it was performed in the 1930's. That was a completely different time in college football. Fans and teams weren't so nasty back then. They were more rah-rah-rah and all that.

Michigan finally got their first first down of the game with eight minutes left in the half. Their offense is a juggernaught.

Crap! Michigan has run like the same play eight times this drive and it just landed them inside the five. Timeout. I can go to the bathroom. There goes the shutout.

It took Michigan four tries, but they got their TD.

I'm holding Lucia. I can't swear.

I want an iPhone. Those ads highlighting the aps have converted me. Oh, and this.

Nothing that time, Minor. The baby sleeps.

Halftime. Ohio State finishes with only a 7-point lead and a quarterback sneak. Ho-hum.


ks said...

Lost comes back on January 21st (earlier than expected), BTW. I can't wait! Best. Show. Ever.

comoprozac said...

I know. I know.