Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I'll Plead the First

Since I started this blog almost a year ago, I have wondered, "How much of what I do here is protected by my first amendment right to say what I want?" I mean, that's why I blog. I have something I want to say, get off my chest, and I want someone to hear (or read) my opinions. I want there to be a record of my thoughts. I even welcome interpretations and criticisms. I want to use this basic right as often as I can, before it's taken away.

If you've been reading lim for a while, you know that I've blogged about pretty much everything, sans my relationship. I've blogged about my situational depression, my troubles at work, my feelings on politics, and (mostly) my thoughts on indie rock. I haven't held back.

I remember after I expressed one of the lowest moments of my life, a co-worker commented that she had no idea I was in such a state of misery. I never intended for her to read those words, but it helped me realize what a powerful tool blogs can be. She would have never reached out to me, if she hadn't read my blog. My heart and blog have been an open book ever since.

Could any of this ever be held against me or other bloggers or even those who comment on blogs? Nothing should happen to us. We do have that first amendment thing that protects us from being thrown in jail, losing our job, or generally being harassed. We're merely expressing ourselves in a public forum. Isn't that protected in the Constitution?

As a teacher, I've always been somewhat careful about not putting too much of myself out there so that I wouldn't lose my job. I've plastered the trunk of my car with leftist bumper stickers, written letters to the editor, and have been pictured protesting the war in the paper, but I've done nothing that I felt should get me into trouble.

Some of you will know why I'm writing about this. For those who don't know, just be careful what you write online. Anyone could read it (especially you, Mr. NSA agent man). I've caught some shit for what I've written, and I haven't said anything important, yet.

I promise that I'll lighten the tone next time out and go back to complaining about Misery, touting Obama as the next Kennedy (Yeah, I said it!), and reminding you that I did, in fact, score Arcade Fire tickets.

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The Mikester said...

Amen. I'm a little concerned about the ramificatons of being fired from an NPR affiliate (a guardian of free speech, supposedly) just because I have a blog. But whatevs. Free speech is overrated anyway.