Thursday, August 30, 2007

Show Me

I know have been promising a post comparing COMO to C-bus, but that'll have to wait. I'm checking out several shows in the near-future and thought I'd share my schedule.
It all begins September 11 at Mojo's when former COMO residents White Rabbits return from their friendly confines in the NYC. (Why does every band end up there?) ATR got me noticing this band, and their Daytrotter set was superb. I always look forward to seeing a hot indie act before they become ridiculously huge.On the 17th, we'll see one of R's favorites, The Sea and Cake. I'm disappointed they're playing the Note, since their subtle indie-jazz will be lost in the BN's crummy sound system. No matter, I still plan on enjoying this show after I return from my job late that night. I've never seen Sea and Cake, but I'm old enough to have seen Coctails thrice! Anyone? Bueller?
Two nights later, I broke down and bought tickets to see Wilco. (Sorry M and K.) I am not thrilled with Tweedy and co.'s last release, but they were great last time in COMO. Apparently several of the band members attended shows at the Note pre-Tupelo. It should at least be fun.Have I mentioned that I have Arcade Fire tickets? I know that everyone and his brother saw them when they played Mojo's. I don't care. This is the next U2 or REM. This might be the last time I get a chance to see such a dynamic band in-person. We'll head out to KC for our first show in Misery's other city.

The other thing I keep hearing about Arcade Fire is that Neon Bible is a letdown after their 2004 breakout, Funeral. Are you serious? I'd put this album up against 99.9% of all other records. It's a great album that successfully avoids the sophomore slump. Sure, Funeral has more dramatics and intensity, but NB is still great. Besides, the band has to fill out their set lists with songs for their fans to enjoy and to take a breather from such anthems as "Neighborhood (#1-3)" or "Wake Up". I don't care what anyone says, I've got Arcade Fire tickets!The following Tuesday, I head back to the Blue Note to see Austin's own Spoon. I was somewhat disappointed in their last trip to COMO, but I have hope. They should put on an electric set. Maybe I'll go with fellow Spoon-lovers and have a couple of Boulevards to help lubricate the evening.November 7th might be my most-anticipated evening of the fall. The Thermals come to Mojo's. I absolutely love this band and have a bit of a school-boy crush on their bassist, Kathy Foster. This is one of those bands I wanted to get into, but never had the time or money. I've also had several opportunities to see them live (including a free show at OSU's Springfest), but I've missed them every time. I definitely plan to make this show.

Sure, there are other notable shows coming to Misery and its surroundings, but these are the shows I want to attend (and in some instances, can attend). I'll try not to let my readers down by not posting reviews (like Interpol or Yeah Yeah Yeah's). Later.


The Mikester said...

I'm going to Wilco, too. They put on a fantastic show, even when their material is underwhelming. I wasn't a fan of "A Ghost is Born" but their supporting tour kicked some major ass.

Spoon will be fantastic, as Britt Daniel is my current indie-rock man crush. (With apologies, of course, to mega-hottie M. Ward.)

Raymond Cummings said...

As much as I think the Arcade Fire are totally overhyped and I don't get their appeal (for the most part), I'd agree - Neon Bible is like a thousand times more listenable than Funeral - a CD I sold back to the store after three bored half-listens.

comoprozac said...

I think you misunderstood me. (Wilco reference!) Neon Bible isn't better than Funeral. My point was that they are nearly equivalent in awesomeness. But I will forgive this one transgression. (Note: "Awesomeness" apparently is a real word since my spell-check didn't pick it up.)

ATR said...

Point A) We're not really deciding what is and what ain't a word by using the spell check test, are we? (I'll trust my sense of irony if you'll trust yours.)

Point B) Unfortunately, one of the worst shows in my recent memory has to be the Spoon show at the Blue Note about a year back or so. If my memory serves, American Music Club opened, played about three songs and ended their set. Spoon did not pick up the slack. However, in all fairness, I was there to see AMC and was perhaps in a grand funk of disappointment.

That's all I got.