Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Shout Outs

It's time for a few shout outs. Awhile back, I mentioned a couple of blogs that liked my stuff and briefly name-checked a few others. Today, I'd like to share a few of the blogs I check out daily.

Bath, a local COMO music blog, has revealed itself to me recently. The Bathysphere consists of three contributors: Zach, Kiernan, and Ziman. These three indie-geeks-in-the-know post all the upcoming releases at local fav Slackers while also giving info on all the upcoming shows in KC, St. Louis, Lawrence, and COMO. I just finished filling out my Google calendar with key dates for Spoon, The Thermals (!), Low, and White Rabbits. This site will be a regular in my daily blog roll, that's for sure. (One reason COMO ain't so bad...)

My second shout out goes to ATR at Central Standard. He used to corrupt young minds here in COMO, but now he's doing the same in Lincoln, NE. Similarly to my situation, ATR was forced to leave due to his partner's annoying habit of wanting to further her career (just kidding). His blog is more of a daily journal style with some commentary and odd nicknames. My favorite part of his blog is a new feature with a link to what he's listening to right now. So, here's a shout-out to Central Standard. (There, now we're even.)

There seems to be a strong contingent of bloggers in town (or formerly of COMO, like ATR).

KR's post-december shares life after COMO in Phila (or is it Camden now?) as a grad student in the sciences. She found me, but I've been reading her posts ever since. Depressing, funny, and ironic all at once describe this blog to a T.

Mike C brings us Hardcore Blog Fisting Action which is arguably the best blog name ever. This blog is all over the place and can be somewhat shocking. What brings me back is that Mike C has been incredibly generous in sharing COMO insights and opinions on my blogs.

Bringing around the third piece of the COMO trifecta is CouponWhore by Karen. This blog is irreverent, funny, and the second best name for a blog. I think there's something going on with Mike C and Karen, but I'm not sure.

Just outside the trifecta is a local that's featured on MyMissourian.com's blogroll with lim. Driving Miss Boyer by Miss Boyer (of course) follows the blogger as she takes the bus from one end of COMO to the other. Her most recent posts showcase her new tattoo, inspiring me to get a third.

Sorry for the boring post all, but I've put my energies into work and my other blogs, Mr.E, Get Hellweged!, and I Can't Sing It Strong Enough. Coming soon: a point-by-point comparison of old home (Columbus, OH) and new home (COMO).

Author's Note: Get Hellweged! has been taken down.


KR said...

Awww, hey thanks, man! Sorry about being depressing...? (makes the "ieee!" face) I'll try to spice it up with a little more 'pep and circumstance.' I think that new black background is having an effect on my subconscious...

Oh, and that "thing" between Mike C and Karen? It's marriage. Hee hee.

Much (b)love from the East Siii-eed.

ATR said...

Thanks for the shout out, bro. I appreciate being rec-ah-nized, but I hope we're not keeping score.

Is there something about CoMo that makes it such a fertile blogging area? Or is it a result of boredom and misery (or a need to escape "The 'wege"?


Mike C said...

I appreciate the shout out. One of these days, I'll shout out to all the bloggists who are on my feed. One of these days.

BTW-were you here when the White Rabbits worked at Streetside? That was uberhip. I heard there's going to be a whiffleball tournament to celebrate their heroic return to CoMo.

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks! I'm flattered that you read my blogs and linky me. I think your blog is much more coherent and fluid tho...

comoprozac said...

You're welcome!

KR-Your blog is depressing in that way that lets the rest of us know that it's ok to be sad sometimes. There's a comfort in that that makes us all feel like we're a part of something.

ATR-We'll just call ourselves even-Steven. The hip-hop speak just comes out reading "white" when it's on a blogger comment. (That goes for KR as well.)

Mike C-Congrats on the new job! Are you trying to get together a whiffle ball team? I'm in if you are.

Karen-Thanks for the compliment. I like the flow of your blog. It makes me laugh.

Love fest 2007 is officially over!