Thursday, October 15, 2009

Three Local Blogs You Should Read

I've mentioned some of these folks before, but it's worth mentioning again. COMO has a surprisingly high number of good bloggers. Of course, I mostly pay attention to the music blogs. Three blogs are so good that you should read them before you read this blog when in-search of the music 411.

Cool Dry Place
Although I don't consider this a blog in the truest sense (newspaper-affiliated), I do read Pete Bland's take on all things entertaining. In particular, Pete does an excellent job reporting the most ignored stories in the music scene here or the music insider's perspective. I don't always agree with his tastes, but I appreciate his insight and the use of an actual journalist degree in the blogosphere. Also, Pete does a nice job of keeping up with COMO TV tie-ins and films hitting the 'Tag that may have slipped under the radar. All that and he has the best collection of Western shirts this side of Kansas City.

A Ravenous Horde
I mentioned this blog in a recent post, but figured I give it more props here. Blogger Tina contacted me to let me know lim was now listed on her blogroll. Since that time, I've had a chance to check the blog out and am thoroughly impressed. It's everything I once wanted this blog to be but could never get together. There's a shit-ton of music info there, plus some nice coverage of the upcoming Citizen Jane film fest. It's all there. I just wish I had thought of it first.

Colossal Youth
From the ashes of the mid-MO rock blog Bathysphere, Colossal Youth has risen to provide us with more music geek porn to fill the void. The strengths of the Bath (rock show photography, underground rock immediacy, music-coverage-beyond-borders, etc.) are all here thanks to the efforts of former Bath-contributor Carrie. I'm glad she's carrying the flame as I need these kids to keep me young. In particular, check out the pics from Boomslang.

What are your favorite local blogs? What did I miss?

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