Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Miscellaneous Miscellany

I have been terrible at keeping up with this blog lately. Between work and an incredibly busy 13-month-old child, I just haven't had time for this blog or any others. So, here's some miscellany from the last week or so...

  • As previously mentioned, I had the week to myself. What does a man (stereotypically) do when he's on his own? He watches Monday Night Football, I guess. I watched Brett Favre's triumphant match-up versus his old team while eating hot dogs and baked beans and enjoying a couple of Bell's Octoberfests.
  • I never get out to see movies these days, but I was able to catch Michael Moore's latest, Capitalism: A Love Story. I realize folks are tired of Moore's shtick, but this was maybe his most straightforward film ever. Also, Moore was finally able to follow up his acclaimed debut, Roger and Me. I walked out wishing we in this country could get over our hangups over socialism. Capitalism isn't working...well, for 90% of us anyway.
  • The Decemberists played their outdoor show inside the luxurious Blue Note last week. Opener Laura Veirs was pretty good. The Decemberists were fine, but some enjoyed it more than I.
  • I pulled a 12+ hour day on Thursday. That's all I'll say about that.
  • Friday was an extended happy hour-kind-of-thing. I met friends at Sycamore for the always-delicious Founders Curmudgeon. This is the most vanilla olde ale I've ever tasted. That's a good thing. I followed that up with some beers, conversation, and a bánh mì at the 'Tag/Uprise. The night ended at Broadway Brewery where the beers are still a work in progress, but suspect it will only get better.
  • On Saturday, I did what I normally do which was watch my Buckeyes. This time they put a whooping on an undefeated Wisconsin team while gaining half as many yards and having the ball for a third of the time. How does a team do that? Watch.
  • That same evening, I brewed my third batch of beer. This one is a barley wine called Never Forget 9/11 - more for Lucia's birthday than for the other 9/11 you're never supposed to forget. The ABV will measure in somewhere between 9% and 11%. I've been planning this beer for a while and finally got around to brewing. It's so sticky and even the first bits of it taste good.
  • R and Lu returned from their adventures in Michigan. The best part was that Lucia reached for me right away and gave me the longest hug ever. It was nice.
  • I am a lifelong Browns fan. That's not easy to put into print these days. Of course, they won their first game this Sunday (over the 1-4 Buffalo Bills) by a whopping 6-3 baseball score.
  • This guy makes me think all the time.
  • And this time he made me think about this blog and what I'm doing with it.
  • This blog made me think what I do is worthwhile. It's picked up where Bathysphere left off. Read A Ravenous Horde now.
  • Columbus Day came and went. Does anyone celebrate Columbus Day anymore? Why? What did he do that's worth celebrating? And don't tell me he discovered America as if there were not already people living here or others who crossed the Atlantic before him.
I think that's all for now. Tell me what you want in the comments. I'll try to do better. I swear.


tina elizabeth said...

Thanks for your support! It's much appreciated.

Telebastard said...

You should also check out
It's run by a Bathysphere/tops alumni and she's got some pretty boom show reviews and pics. She's about to drop a lot of pics from the weekend's Boomslang festival in Kentucky which had Atlas Sound, Kurt Vile, OS Mutantes, Faust, Mission of Burma, etc.

Carrie said...

How about someone who actually worked on the bathysphere's blog who actually covers shows [but tends to avoid the boring bands that come to this town (grizzly bear, decemberists, andrew bird, st. vincent)? That'd be me, bromigo. Granted, it's not exclusively a music blog, but I do reviews and concert photos as primary content.

She's linked to my stuff covering The Yards and Gods fall ball (which you failed to attend).

I went to kentucky for a weekend of awesome music festivaling...which was all put together by college students at the UK radio station, which just proves that if you have the right people working in town you can get stuff like Os Mutantes, Mission of Burma, Faust, The Black Angels, and Kurt Vile. Granted, Lexington is about 2 times the size of columbia, but people just have to make a case to draw in good shows.

comoprozac said...

Great! I will check out Youth Colossal.

Carrie, regarding the Yards & Gods gig, I am no longer able to get out to every show the way I used to. Between work and family, I'm not the scenester I was back in the day (in Columbus, OH). I won't apologize for this. What I will do is periodically name-drop those who are doing something cool in this town. I like what Yards & Gods are doing and greatly appreciate those who are involved. I just can't do as much anymore.

Look at this blog. This is like the second post in as many weeks.

Either way, thanks for commenting. Maybe I'll make it out for something eventually.

KR said...

Awww Lucia missed you. So sweet :) It's gotta feel good to be such a loved papa bear.

jmenter said...

You could blog more if you didn't watch so much of the foosball!

PooBah said...

Wow, perhaps my senses have been dulled by wearing cycling caps that are way too tight - but I thought the Grizzly Bear and Decemberist shows were anything but boring.

comoprozac said...

KR, it does feel good.

Jeff, that's not all I've got going on.

PooBah (if that it your real name), Decemberists might be my issue. I missed out on Grizzly Bear.