Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Something Not Worth Mentioning

The STL Rams are mired in a bit of controversy recently. It seems one of the members of a prospective owners group is the issue. I won't mention said prospective minority owner by name, because that's what he wants me to do. Well, not me specifically. Really, he wants people and the media to talk about him because that's publicity that he could use.

Actually, the controversy isn't so much about who the guy is, rather than some of the things he has said. The man in question is a conservative radio talk show host. As Colin Cowherd put it on his radio show yesterday, this pundit deals in "affirmation, not information." The people who listen to conservative talk radio or Fox "News" don't do it to get new information or insight. They give their time to hear someone say what they're thinking. Sure, some would argue that these conservative commentators are sexist, racist, classist, or [insert your favorite "-ist" here], but that's just what the audience wants to hear. Middle-America needs their daily affirmation.

The biggest problem with the prospective minority owner is that the racism inherent in his daily rants don't jive with the 65-70% African-American representation in the NFL. I don't think these players would really skip a paycheck in protest, but it could cause some problems for the team in the future. It will be hard to convince certain free agents to sign with the Rams or for some fans to continue to support the team. This one member of the owners group might do more harm than good.

Personally, I don't care what this particular individual has to say about anything. I don't listen to him and his brand of hate speech. He doesn't have any kind of influence over anyone that matters. Sure, there are a lot of misguided people out there who think he's great, but they'd have the same views he's on the radio or not.

Besides, there is freedom of speech in this country. He's allowed to voice his opinions on air no matter how insidious. You don't have to listen. I don't listen to it. If the first amendment doesn't protect Louis Farrakhan, Larry Flynt, and the subject of this post, then it won't protect any of us. So, he can say what he wants. Hell, he can own any team he wants. I don't care.

All of this controversy only draws attention to the controversial figure. Folks will tune in to his radio show to see what all the hub-bub is about. They'll buy his books and visit his website. This issue is a ratings bonanza. I don't know if he really wants part ownership of the Rams, but he surely does enjoy all the attention.

Of course, I will be surprised if the NFL allows him into their rather exclusive club. They do have an image to uphold. Why involve someone as divisive as a conservative radio talk show host? The NFL is making so much money that they don't need him.

Again, I don't care what the Rams or the NFL do. I'd prefer ignoring the whole thing. That's exactly what one prospective owner of the St. Louis Rams doesn't want us to do. He likes the attention.

Update: Since beginning this post, it was announced that the group looking to purchase the STL Rams has dropped the blowhard in question. Carry on.

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