Sunday, October 04, 2009

Creature Comforts of The Walkmen

R and Lu are out of town for a conference and to visit some of her family in Michigan. I'm contemplating Dude's Night Out II, but just getting some time to rest might be enough for me. Either way, I started the week off right yesterday.

After surviving this lineup of beers with a friend, I headed out to Mojo's for The Walkmen gig.

Recently, I've come to recognize that I keep turning to the same, old music over newer, possibly more innovative work. Records arriving in the mail have primarily been reissues of albums I had in the nineties or new material from bands I've listened to for five or more years. Even a lot of the new records I've only liked because they remind me of the stuff I've always listened to.

Going to see The Walkmen was no different. I've followed this band ever since I heard them do this...

I've seen them on a consistent basis for the past seven years and I keep going back. I missed Grizzly Bear and left the Andrew Bird show early (he's new to me), but I showed up and stayed around for the Walkmen's set.

Something can be said for bands and music that provide you comfort. The music feels familiar. It's gratifying to hear them pick and choose from a catalog with which you've grown so accustomed. Sometimes it's just nice to play that record or go to that show of the band that makes you smile. It's the same band you have several memories seeing live, driving to Detroit or checking them for free at a festival. These experiences fill our memory banks. It's less to do with the excellence on stage and more to do with that feeling you get when one of your favorite bands hit the stage.

"Comforting" is the word I use to describe The Walkmen show last night. They played some favorites and mixed in some new material. As usual, the band was workman-like. They always dress like they work for Sterling Cooper not play in a rock band. It felt like it usually does and that was fine.

I'm glad The Walkmen stopped in COMO for the last night of their tour. I was disappointed that maybe half of Mojo's was full, but I was glad that I was there.


Anonymous said...

Did you see the Jumbling Towers set at all? They are one of my favorite bands these days. Penny Marvel is also pretty sweet.

kristinbowen said...

you say they dress like they're on Mad Men as if that's a bad thing.

comoprozac said...

Yes, I have seen Jumbling Towers and have never liked them. From what I hear, they've sent demos to everyone and their brother but were turned down every time. Plus, they don't tour. If you want to make it, you have to tour. Even then there's no guarantee. I just don't care for JT. I think they're one of those bands where there is no in-between.

Dressing like Mad Men is a good thing. I'm sorry that it came out that way. I love how the Walkmen dress.