Monday, June 01, 2009

I Won!

I never win anything, but today I won something. Mike over at STL Hops let me know this morning that I won the drawing for the invite-only class with a rep from Founders Brewery at the Wine and Cheese Place in Clayton.

I'm really excited for a couple of reasons. First of all, this event will officially welcome Founders to Misery. Founders isn't my favorite brewery from Michigan (Bell's), but they make some awfully tasty beers and will always have space reserved in the stash. Their presence here only makes the beer scene better, more diverse. Secondly, I get the chance to learn first-hand about their beers and operations. As a new beer fanatic and even newer brewer (one batch down), I welcome these opportunities to learn all I can about craft beer.

For those of you looking for some new beers to try, here are a few of my notes on the beers from Founders I've tried...

Centennial IPA
Grapefruit, pine, and malty sweetness dominate this IPA. It's actually quite refreshing and an easy drink for an IPA, i.e. not too bitter. This beer should be a regular right beside Bell's Two-Hearted and Schlafly's APA. (Here's a picture of the Centennial I finished Friday at the 'Tag.)

This was the first Founders brew I had ever consumed when my sister brought me one of these last Christmas. This is an old ale that makes me forget barley wines. It's thick, strong, and alcoholic, much like an actual curmudgeon. My goal is to buy a pack of these and store it along side my barely wine collection for some aging.

Dirty Bastard
My problem with scotch ales is usually that there's not enough scotch nor ale in the flavor. Dirty Bastard redeems the style by punching you in the mouth with his mug of ale before pouring a shot of scotch down your throat. Besides, the name reminds me of Old Dirty Bastard.

Double Trouble
I love that breweries in the East can pull off imperial IPA's that rival their West Coast counterparts. DT does that with plenty of citrusy, piney, hoppy goodness.

A few of their beers I have yet to try, but their on the list...

I have to admit that I'm weary of fruit beers, especially those with cherries. I realize that many beer geeks are into cherries and sours and whatnot, but I am not sold. Either way, I'll keep searching until I find a fruit beer I like.

Red's Rye
This beer is definitely on my radar as I have developed a taste for rye beers. This one is everywhere and I assume will be readily available.

Again, this is a style that I have not been overly impressed by. I'd rather have a stout, but folks love their porters. There must be a good reason. This one has not been as available as the others, so it may be a while until I give it a go.

After the beers above, I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of Founders' seasonal and specialty releases: Breakfast Stout, Imperial Stout, Kentucky Breakfast, and Devil Dancer.

So, now I can welcome Founders to MO in-person on Wednesday when I cash in my prize in Clayton.

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