Sunday, June 07, 2009


I'm considering going on hiatus indefinitely. This means that I may take more than the week I just took between posts to put something on this blog. I've got some ideas for the direction of lim, but I'm still working those out.

In the meantime, look for some additional pages and changes to the links along the right. I'm pretty happy with the new design, so that will probably stay the same. I plan to change some of the blogrolls to match my content better. Also, I've talked about starting an lim store in the past. That will happen this summer. I won't make any money from it, but it could be a cool diversion once in a while.

I'm mostly looking at the theme of my content. I've never liked that I am all over the place, aside for my grumblings about this place. There are a ton of things over the past two weeks that I haven't bothered to report, but the posts could have been a great vehicle for some of my new ideas. Just stay tuned...

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Pizza Cottontail said...

Just read this. From Fortune/CNN, but worthwhile anyway.