Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Countdown to True/False Begins

I've already previewed the films on our docket for the upcoming True/False Film Festival, but I thought I'd build up some hype throughout the week. Since buying a pass and reserving some tickets, this was the first day I thought of the festival.

We were in KC this weekend. Before heading home, R and I did some shopping in the Plaza. I wandered through stores, eventually landing in American Apparel. Say what you want about AA (I have.), but they make some good products. As I contemplated a purchase, I remembered that I love to buy AA t-shirts and sweatshirts from T/F every year. Besides using my favorite casual wear for their paraphernalia, T/F usually has some cool graphic design silk-screened onto the fabric. This year's design of a rowboat being lifted by a bunch of balloons is inspiring and aesthetically pleasing. Remembering this helped me not to make an ill-conceived purchase at the sweatshop-free, hipster boutique.

Also reminding me of the events to come, we have been making arrangements with friends from Nebraska who come in every year for the fest. For the purpose of anonymity, I will refer to them as "the children of the corn" from here on out. The children of the corn will arrive promptly on Thursday night so that no doc is missed and will head directly from our house to Osaka's for sushi. You know the sushi situation in Lincoln, NE must be bad if folks gotta drive five hours to COMO for some raw fish.

Anyway, the children of the corn will see almost every film we won't making it possible for all of us to rehash every film at T/F over beers each night. So, you should look forward for the children of the corn report on the docs I don't see.

In case you're wondering, the children of the corn will sleep on the futon. My mom is coming into town to watch Lucia. It will be a full house this weekend for sheezee.

Oh, and one last thing that's getting me pumped for True/False...Man On Wire just won the Oscar for best doc. This was the closing film of last year's festival. I didn't see it. I had to see the one about the deadbeats who stalked Tiffany instead. Maybe I'll choose better this year.

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MonkeyGirl said...

The Children of the Corn are looking forward to seeing you, seeing films, and eating sushi, Indian food, Uprise red pepper and egg croissants, Booches' burgers, and Shakespeare's pizza (if they can fit that all in--in more ways than one).