Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 2 of the True/False Countdown

True/False week is in full swing. Of course, there are no films today, but the anticipation is growing, especially for the children of the corn. They's got no documentary film festivals on them plains.

Check Pete Bland's post at Cool Dry Place for all the latest info regarding the Trib's coverage of the fest. Lindsey Howald gives some excellent insight into the selection process for the festival in whittling over 500 films down to around 60. Additionally, you will find schedules and tips for attendees. Of course, you could just read Pete's post and find that out for yourself.

Students at Hickman and Rockbridge high schools as well as MU and Stephens have been raising money for the True Life Fund. Every year, groups attempt to raise money for a cause promoted by one of the festival films. This year, the aforementioned students have attempted to raise $10,000 for the underground journalists of Burma from the film Burma VJ. I have a ticket for this film and am very interested to see how it portrays the events of the "saffron revolution" in 2007.

Films finally start to hit the screens on Wednesday when MU students can check out a screening of Afghan Star for free. For the four or five Mizzou students who read my blog, you can get all the specifics here. And for the one or two Rockbridge students who read lim, you'll get your chance to see some clips and talk to the directors on Thursday before the festival gets started.

Thursday is the big opening night concert with mean Ryan Adams. That makes two years in a row that the big musical act of the weekend is not Of Montreal. (They did it for like two straight years.) Whatever, I just hope people scream and yell for "Summer of '69".

Finally, I'm taking a half-day to not only make the Q for
Gaea Girls, but also to take in some of the True/False parade. It will be Lucia's first parade and possibly the last I'll see my daughter all weekend.

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Juliet said...

My current sig. other threatened to yell for "Summer of 69" when I got us tickets for a Ryan Adams concert last fall. Sadly, he ended up having to work and gave up his ticket for the show.