Thursday, February 19, 2009

RIP Touch & Go

Some chalk this up to the recession. I sort of feel like it's a combination of Touch & Go's difficult (but brilliant) roster, the label's failure to keep up with new technologies and formats, and maybe it's just their time.

Touch & Go has been a big part of my life. They will be missed. Pour a drink for Touch & Go. They probably need it.


Zach said...

I just read the Butthole Surfers chapter of Our Band Could Be Your Life this morning. A good deal of it was devoted to the extremely humble beginnings of Touch & Go Rekords. It's almost beyond belief that they lasted 28 years, let alone 28 days.

(Fascinating book, by the way, if you haven't read it)

comoprozac said...

It is a good book...and I guess that you can deduce that I have read it.

Someone did point out to me that its T&G's distribution wing that's kaput. So, there still should be some good music coming from their end of Chicago.

ks said...

T&G and Quarterstick (the 2 labels) will stay around. These two labels will still prob. put out new music, but it's not totally certain. Their distro arm is what's being axed. This impacts labels like Merge (OUCH!!),Drag City, Suicide Squeeze (another biggie), and others.

These labels with have to find other distribution channels. I have friends in The Coathangers, who are on Suicide Squeeze, so I'm waiting to hear how this will impact the release and distribution of their new record.

comoprozac said...

I'm actually not as worried about those other labels, especially Merge. There seems to be some good outlets and technologies out there for distribution.

What I'm more concerned with is how this will affect T&G's roster.They've always been one of the most unique labels out there and the distribution funded their ability to put out the kind of records they do.