Monday, January 26, 2009

Tales from Twitter

I have an account on Twitter. I guess you could call me a Twit. A Twit who Tweets with other Twits...

Let me try that again.

I have an account on Twitter. It's what the kids call "microblogging" and ever since Twitter worked out most of the bugs, I've been updating my Tweets on a regular basis.

The most interesting thing to me is that I have several networks connected on Twitter. There are the ed-tech folk who post teaching resources or blog posts about education that hit throughout the day. I have recently discovered a craft brewing presence all over Twitter that keeps me up-to-date on the latest releases. Then there are my many friends - virtual and real life.

But that's only part of the Titter universe for comoprozac. (Sorry. I hate it when people write in third person.) I have several other interesting stories from Twitsville to report.

I thought I was following Ira Glass, host of the uber-popular public radio show This American Life. Then, one night he posted this:

Ok, let's play twitter matchmaker. You send me who you are and what you're looking for and I'll match you up.
To which I responded:
@iraglass I live in Columbia, MO and I'm looking for a record store . Can you help?
Ira said:
@comoprozac try CD Tradepost on Forum Blvd
Apparently, Ira Glass knows how to use Google. The conversation continued...
@iraglass That is maybe the worst suggestion of a record store ever . Thanks anyway.
I didn't hear anything for days, until this:
I tried giving this account to Real Ira Glass, but they said they didn't know what twitter was. Told me to email them - haven't heard back.
Oh well, the Fake Ira Glass raised my hopes, only to trounce them with his deceit.

I'm also a big follower of Cobra Commander. These might just be the best Tweets on all of Twitter. Check it: (Warning: Only interesting to males between the ages of 25 and 35 who played with, watched the cartoon version of, or read the comic depicting G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero.)
Our brainwashing scheme bounce rates were through the roof last quarter. I need a Billy Mays Viper STAT. from web

Zarana told me I "need a Tumblr." It took me a solid hour before I realized that wasn't a euphemism.

Met one of the Pussycat Dolls last night. She asked to see "the fang that hangs" and yadda yadda yadda I'm staying in LA a few more days.
from web
You get the idea.

I also have been getting a music fix on the Twitter. Sonic Youth has been updating their latest recording process. It's cool to follow for indie geeks as well as musicians. It's a cool look inside the studio with legends like SY.

I have been also been following Sinkane, aka Ahmed Gallab as he travels the world with Of Montreal, records multiple albums, and plays around with the indie elite. Of course, he posted something yesterday that had nothing to do with music. Ahmed posted a link to this video.

My response was that I !#%@#*$& hippies or something to that effect. He, being the more reflective, thoughtful, open-minded person thought it was more impressive to be that connected to the earth. I just wondered whether they slit their wrists every time someone cuts their grass. Do these hippies pluck eyelashes for every bug they hit while driving their biofueled Volvos? Hippies.

There is still much to learn from the Twitterverse. I just hope that my Twitterfox doesn't swallow all my time.


Juliet said...

This was very interesting as I have yet to embrace the Twitter revolution. It's one of those things that I haven't gotten into yet, but check back in 6 months time and I'm sure it'll be my new favorite internet obsession.

The Sonic Youth studio Twitter is the first one to really grab my interest on the reading side. As for the posting side, I feel like perhaps my life isn't interesting/important enough for people to know what I'm doing that often. But I suppose the same could be said for blogging and updating one's Facebook status.

Austin said...

Hahaha that video is hilarious.

Also I'm actually really surprised that Sonic Youth has a twitter acount. After all, Thurston claims that CDs are just a fad, and seems to reject most new technology and stuff like that. Interesting...