Monday, January 26, 2009

The Beer I Drank Today: Organic Revolution

The Beer I Drank Today: New Glarus Organic Revolution

Style: American Pale Ale

Color: hazy orange

ok head, some lacing

Aroma: hops, malt, corn...Yes, almost every review on Beer Advocate mentioned corn. I actually didn't smell the corn. I just thought it was ridiculous to mention. Otherwise, pretty standard APA aroma.

Flavor: hops, a little caramel, softens with warming

Context: I had a long day of driving around mid-Misery to visit teachers and facilitating a training session in the evening. It was about twelve hours of that to be exact. So, I decided to top the day off with a beer. I have been trying to abstain from beer on Monday night (especially the day before Hopslam hits COMO), but this day called for a beer.

Would I recommend this beer to you? Yes. It's maybe the third or fourth best craft APA I've tasted (offerings from Schlafly's and Avery are far superior), but this one is decent enough for a session beer. Again, sometimes I think it's the novelty of a beer that's only available in Wisconsin is sitting in my 'fridge because some friends thought I would like it. (Thanks again E and J.)

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