Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Reason #2 Why I Live in Misery: Drivers Here Can't Drive in Snow

Ever since the first dusting of our first winter here, I have noticed that MO drivers are petrified of ice and snow. Cold, wet conditions causes them to drive irrationally slow on roads that can be more accurately described as damp-at-worst. The result is that it takes me twice as long to get places as soon as the first snowflakes fall or the first patch of black ice develops.

You may just think that I am overreacting to drivers in town that are careful on pre-plowed side streets, but I drive all over the middle of Misery for my job (and to reach a decent city once in a while). So, I have plenty of experience with Misery drivers. They just can't drive in the snow.

What's even more peculiar here about some drivers is that they won't even attempt to drive at the slightest inkling of inclement weather. I'm only from Ohio. It's not like we get tons more snow than Misery. Sure, Cleveland does, but I grew up nowhere near Lake Erie. The rest of the state gets moderately more snow than this place, but not much. A foot of snow won't stop me from going to the store, visiting a friend, or attending a Band of Horses show in STL.

Come on people! Pump your breaks. Downshift once in a while. It's not that hard.


Donna said...

I drive slow because sometimes the roads aren't plowed that well. C and I hit a patch of ice under the footbridge over Providence at the Stadium intersection. We ended up heading the wrong direction against the median. We watched as car after car hit the same patch and went spinning. It was scary. After that, I drive slowly.

Anonymous said...

Missouri drivers are still a thousand times better than Kansas City, Kansas and New Mexico drivers.

I declare them THE worst.

Elizabeth Hornbeck said...

I have heard this complaint practically everywhere I have lived -- and I have lived in a LOT of places.