Monday, January 05, 2009

Live Blogging: The Fiesta Bowl (3rd Quarter)

9:07 pm CST They're getting ready for the second half and I'm having trouble keeping up with Twits and Facebook back-and-forth. Here we go...

McCoy converts another first down. I have to use the bathroom, but I can't leave the set. I was bombarded with Tweets and FB messages, keeping me from using the bathroom during the half. Thankfully, Texas just held OSU, slowing their drive.

Made it. Washington hobbles off the field, buying time for me to go to the restroom. Now, if the Buckeyes could only come up with some way to stop Texas.

OSU's defense holds...or not. Damn Texas runs a fake punt just when I thought Ohio State had something going.

Ohio State seems to have stopped Texas on 3rd and short...again. Maybe they'll finally get off the field...or not. Rrrr...

Texas gets lucky on a bad call and is now in the red zone.

I may fade at this point. Colt McCoy - the guy who maybe should have won the Heisman and played for a chance to win the national championship - just scored the go-ahead TD. Ohio State has to answer with a TD of their own or I fear we're in trouble.

Between the lack of sleep I've been getting these days, the 11% ABV beer I'm drinking, and Texas' last drive, I may have to crawl back in my hole and not come out until...

What am I saying? We have more a quarter and a half to play. We've got Texas right where we want them. I say they run plays with Beanie and Beanie and more Beanie until Texas asks for mercy.

We need a conversion here. It's 3rd and 4. Key moment in the game...and it's a 3-and-out. Shit!

I've been periodically checking the ESPN website and it's got a new look. I like the new layout, but it will take me a while to navigate as efficiently as I once did.

McCoy's heating up.

Thank you Colt McCoy for throwing an intentional grounding. It's about time we get a break. And the Longhorns keep losing yards. Here we go. It's time to turn this ship around.

Good return, Ray Small. Now, let's see some Beanie.

I have no idea why Beanie is not running the ball. He had 96 yards at the half. So far this drive, Pryor threw an incompletion and ran out of bounds when a play was blown up. Texas can't stop Beanie. Now we punt.

Now that the offense has put together two drives of three-and-outs, the defense is too tired to stop Texas. Our only hope at this point is to get a turnover deep in Texas territory, giving OSU a short field. I think we're in trouble.

Texas scores again. This is terrible. I want to cry.

Could it have killed the OSU coaches to call a f-ing timeout? Now, we watch the vanilla offense that hasn't done anything except wear out their own defense. Great.

I am getting bombarded on FB. People are watching my updates like I don't know what. (The stout has stripped me of any creativity at this point. That and Colt McCoy touchdowns.)

The quarter is mercifully over.

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