Monday, January 05, 2009

Live Blogging: The Fiesta Bowl (4th Quarter)

That's Spike.

Brian Robiskie makes a hell of a catch. Maybe we can do this.

Despite Pryor nearly making a phenomenal play, OSU has to settle for 3. If the defense can muster up some kind of fortitude and stop Texas, we can make this a game again.

The Buckeye defense just has nothing left to stop Texas. That six-minute drive in conjunction with two straight three-and-outs is killing them...fumble! Texas keeps it.

Man, 22 ounces of imperial chocolaty stout can do crazy things to you. On one hand, your sleepy and a little buzzed from the alcohol. On the other hand, the dark, bitter chocolate has you all jittery. It's quite a sensation. I may have to get some water.

Ohio State finally stops Texas. Now, let's get it in the endzone...touchback.

Two things:
1) Beanie is on the bench. Game over.
2) Lucky catch by completion for Pryor. Robiskie makes a great catch. (It will stand under review.)

It's confirmed a catch.

Pryor has to make those completions with the defense in his face. Come on!

Thank god he runs.

Pryor throws short, but the Buckeyes finally catch a break: interference and unsportsmanlike conduct. Woot!

Boeckman to Pryor for the TD. It's about time the coaches show some to speak. We botch the conversion but are staring at only a two-point deficit.

That was ingenious to throw the fade to Pryor. That little wrinkle caused the Texas DB all kinds of problems.

I have come to realize that every time I stand up for a big play, the Buckeyes come through. This time it was an incompletion on 3rd and 7.

Just stood up. Boeckman to Ballard for a first down. The streak lives!

Between jumping up and down and answering friends on FB, I totally neglected this post. OSU is up 21-17. Two minutes to go and Colt McCoy to stop. I'm freaking out.

This is coming down to the wire. FB is blowing up right now.

Texas gets yet another break. Bad spot. First down.

I am beat. This game has to end soon. Between the drama of the game and constant FB and Twitter updates, I am exhausted.

Now, stop Texas.

I can't f-ing believe it. Texas pulled it off...but wait. There's an excessive celebration penalty on Texas.

The season ends how it began: Todd Boeckman unable to escape pressure.

Game over. It's a heartbreaker for my Buckeyes.

One thing is for sure: Texas has no business thinking they are national champions. They gave up 21 and almost lost to an OSU team that couldn't score versus a pee-wee team. Florida will win in three nights and the controversy will be over.

At least we didn't give up 60 (Mizzou fans).


Kate said...

It was truly a heartbreaking game to watch. When Texas scored their 2nd TD, I had decided the game was officially over because I'm so used to typical OSU football and I turned the telly off. Then, of course, I couldn't sleep so I turned it back on and we were leading 21 to 17 but Texas had the ball. Seriously, where was the D that last series? Why didn't they just put out a red carpet for Texas? Eh, there's always next year...Oh, and Beanie apparently had a concussion so that's why he was out the rest of the game. I was prepared to excuse a crappy December for a Buckeye win.

ks said...

I think you should limit your live-blogging to one medium next year. More standing, less posting.

Heartbreaker of an ending...yet again. I guess I won't be able to talk to Chad about it for at least a month, either. Sorry guys.

Idle Crank said...

Too many missed opportunities for OSU. And what was going on for OSU defensively on that last Texas touchdown? It was a bad call given all the time they had to come up with something. I could see if Texas had used the hurry up no-huddle to keep from OSU from getting set, but after the measurement and the challenge, that was the best defense OSU could call?

Was it me or did all the big calls seem to go against OSU?

comoprozac said...

I agree. OSU should have called a different defense. I realize McCoy was picking them apart, but the prevent has always worked in this situation before. OSU covers their areas well, breaks on the ball, and can tackle in open space.

Damn it! I told myself I wasn't going to talk about this anymore.