Monday, January 05, 2009

Live Blogging: The Fiesta Bowl (2nd Quarter)

7:58 pm CST
Back to the game. It's the second quarter and OSU is holding onto a 3-0 lead.

The defense has looked OK. I mean, not too many teams could hold an offense like Texas to no points in a quarter. Let's hope they can hold.

McCoy goes down! Sack OSU! It looks like the defense isn't going to give up after giving up a few first downs.

Eventually, the Longhorns score a field goal. I'm OK with a 3-3 game at this point. Now it's time to see some Beanie.

The first promo for Thursday's national championship just played. Florida should kill Oklahoma. I predict a shoot-out in the first quarter before Tebow and the rest of his Gators put a whooping on the Sooners.

Back from commercial...

Did someone ask for a little Beanie? Ohio State should do nothing but run the ball for the rest of the game. I don't think Texas can consistently stop them. Oh, and there's another four yards...pass to Beanie for 20. Look out.

Pryor completes a pass to Posey for a first down. Hopefully Pryor will continue to improve. His upside is ridiculous. They will need him next year when USC comes to Columbus. I hate USC...Beanie!!!

The Buckeyes call a timeout. Commercial.

Pryor finally ran for a gain instead of taking the sack. On that same play, Boeckman would have taken the sack. Pryor would have run around for another ten seconds before taking the sack ten yards further back. Tonight, he ran and nearly converted the first down. Now the Buckeyes are looking at a very manageable third down. Nice.

Christ! This team is so good at shooting themselves in the foot in big games. False start...

Both QB's on the field, but it results in a fourth down. Time to kick another field goal. 6-3 OSU.

FYI-I am trying to update my Facebook status and Twitter feed while doing this blogging thing. It's going well, but I don't think anyone else is on either FB or Twitter. Oh well...I take that back. A co-worker couldn't understand why I wasn't watching The Bachelor. Really? That show's still on?

This is not good. Shaun Lane is being carted off with a neck or head injury. That's never good. He did give the crowd the traditional "thumbs up" after a neck injury.

Ohio State is fired up and coming after Colt McCoy...has there ever been a better name for a Texas quarterback? Has there ever been a more overused joke in college football? I'd say "no" to both.

The Fox announcer just made verbs out of the words "yardage" and "time of procession."

I just danced up a storm as the Buckeyes stopped Texas on 4th and 7, sacking Colt McCoy for a big loss. Really. I was skanking up a storm.

Also, my beer is strong. That 11% ABV is taking effect. Better slow it down a bit...first down, Beanie.

Personal foul. Beat the freshman deep. Approaching the 20. This half is not ending well. Best case scenario: hold them to 3 and go in with a 6-point tie.

Interception!!! Anderson Russell gets his second career interception at the goal line. Colt McCoy is crumbling under the the tune of 198 yards, but no TD's.

Ohio State's looking good going into half. My trash talking is paying off. Beanie is the man. I think I can honestly say that I love him.

Stay tuned for the second half.

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