Monday, January 05, 2009

Live Blogging: The Fiesta Bowl (1st Quarter)

6:16 pm CST
I've just finished trash-talking with the only Texas grad I know and am fully warmed up for another Ohio State loss in a big game. R's at palates and Lu's taking a nap. The pizza sits in the oven and the salad awaits the dressing. My hope is to blog, Tweet, and Facebook this entire game. Hopefully, there will be more trash talking before the night is through.

Georgetown/Notre Dame is on ESPN. I can't believe that Notre Dame is #13 in basketball. The game in which the Buckeyes beat the Irish will go a long way toward earning them a spot in the tourney.

6:25 pm CST
I just tried to think of famous people who attended Texas. The only one that comes to mind is Matthew
McConaughey. Do Texas alum really like to claim this guy as one of their own? Check it...

6:31 pm CST
Oh snap! On a hunch I clicked over to Fox and there is a pre-game show. Oh, wait. It's Fox. This is going to suck all night long. Hey, the dog's going crazy...

No kickoff yet. It turns out that R returned home earlier than expected. We ate our pizza and salad. I'm now checking on the game with Lu. She won't see this game. It's getting close to bedtime. That means no matter what happens, Ohio State will remain undefeated in games that Lucia has watched.

Beanie has a big-ass family.

The Blind Boys of Alabama sing the National Anthem. Nice harmonies. When does the game begin?

7:06 pm CST
There's still no kickoff, but we're close. In the meantime, I poured a Southern Tier Imperial Choklat Stout. And that's The Beer I Drank TodayTM.

The beer I drank today: Southern Tier Imperial Choklat Stout

Imperial Stout

Color: black

slight chocolate mousse head, spotty lacing

Aroma: I could smell the chocolate as soon as I opened the bottle and I'm nursing a cold.

Flavor: Did I mention that this is a chocolate stout?

Context: Um, have been reading this post? I've been waiting for nearly a month to drink this beer and to see this game.

Would I recommend this beer to you? Yes, yes, and yes.

7:12 pm CST
They're just now getting to the coin toss. Let's get on with it. Buckeyes get the ball first.

They're ready for kickoff. A friend calls to see if I'm ready...meaning "Do you have enough medication on-hand for this game?" See above.

Buckeyes start just past the 25. Whoa! Todd Boekman threw for the first down. I didn't see that coming.

Pryor with a big run. What? Of course, the drive ends with an OSU punt. Argh.

Crap. I have to help R with the bath and Texas goes for a nine-yard run...until Shipley is stopped for a two-yard loss. Now they fail to convert the first down. Woot! 3-and-out! Well, off to the bath.

I have to do five-minute shifts with the bathing. I have no idea what's happening except that OSU just earned a first down.

Big run by Beanie. Now I'm über-confident.

Why won't Pryor run or throw it away? Now I'm not so confident.

T.O. - Time to check the bath.

Missed the 51(?) yard field goal. We're up 3-0. Speaking of stout, OSU's D has looked good for the most part. Even Texas first downs are hard-earned. Now back to the bath.

Texas is still driving. The baby's in bed. The cat fell in the tub. End of the quarter and I'm going to the bathroom.


jenny said...

Um, Matthew McConaughey is super hot. Enough about that. And maybe you've heard of WES ANDERSON?!?

Anyway, they don't look so good right now.

comoprozac said...

Touche on the Wes Anderson. But come on. McConaughey is a douche-bag of the highest order. Really.

Kate said...

I believe squishy-face Zellweger also went to Texas. And I'm with Zac on the McConaughey...dude needs to buy a shirt.