Saturday, January 24, 2009

Some Things Worth Mentioning

Here are a few things that I have not had time to give proper space on this blog. Please forgive me. It mostly applies to local stuff. So, for my readers in New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Nebraska, and Georgia, you should also forgive me and come back tomorrow.

I did end up going to see my friends in Bald Eagle open for Cursive. BE was as solid as ever. The crowd was uncomfortably young and emo for my tastes, so I didn't participate much. BE traveled to Omaha over the weekend to join Cursive in their home digs. This is a big opportunity for them. Hopefully it went as planned. (Maybe Nardy will comment and fill you all in.)

Speaking of locals taking big steps in their careers, a certain band called Tops will play Mojo's this Tuesday. You may know the band members better by their work at the bathysphere. (I dare someone to review the show and post pictures on their blog. That would be so postmodern.) If their own material is anything like the bands they herald, it should be a good time. It also may or may not have been promised to me that the band will cover something I may or may not like. My guess is Pavement, but we'll see. I don't know whether I will be able to skirt my baby duties for this one, but you should definitely go. Tops go on at about 8:30. If you can't make Tuesday's gig, they will play Eastside on February 6th.


It has been suggested by the Columbia Beer Enthusiasts and Make Mine Potato that much needs to be done to raise the beer IQ in COMO. This would allow for our little market to entertain better and wider beer distribution, benefiting all, really. However, no one is exactly sure how this can be accomplished.

Personally, I think the beer community will only improve when we get a greater presence online. There should be a wiki or forum sharing beer menus and what's occupying shelf space in town. There should be a beer blog that lets people know what's coming to town, what's on tap at Sycamore, and when's the next beer dinner. The Columbia Beer Enthusiasts (Can we get a new name?) has a nice site that's rather informational, but it's static. We need something with some interaction and daily updates.

I mean, why isn't there a blog encouraging me to buy up the Mikkeller Stateside IPA at Arena Liquor so that they'll order more from this pricey-yet-creative brewery? Who gave me a tip that Hyvee received a boatload of Sierra Nevada's Bigfoot Barley Wine on Saturday? How am I supposed to know that Bell's Hopslam will arrive at Hyvee on Tuesday? We need some Beer 2.0 action around here and quick!


In case you live in a cave...or at least outside COMO, True/False is coming very soon with the full lineup to be announced at the beginning of February. Pete Bland over at Cool Dry Place has leaked a few of the titles. None of them have me too excited, but this festival never disappoints, so I'll give it the benefit of the doubt.

As usual, I have a pass and plan to use it to its fullest. There will be ridiculous amounts of words at this URL during the days leading up to, during, and following the festival. We like our nonfiction films in the Show-Me State.


Luke said...

I couldn't agree with you more about the crowd at the Cursive show. It was quite disappointing and I don't really like the direction they seem to be going with the new songs they played. It seems like that's only going to make the crowd problems worse.

It's also too bad Tim Kasher sounded just short of terrible with that sore throat. Of course, all the young emo kids still thought it was "awesome" and it "doesn't matter".

I'm sure the Tops show will be better. Do you know anything about the other bands playing tomorrow?

My Name is Bird said...

you can read all about Bald Eagle playing with Cursive in Omaha at

comoprozac said...

I know nothing of the other bands playing with Tops. I only know about the show b/c I converse with the bathysphere from time to time. They're good kids.

Thanks Nardy.