Saturday, October 11, 2008

Week 7 Picks (as if I do this every week)

I can't sleep. So, I'll make predictions for today's college football games.

Texas vs. Oklahoma, aka "The Red River Rivalry/Shoot-Out"
I like what's going on in Austen. Colt McCoy (greatest name for a Texas quarterback ever) is Mr. Do-Everything for the Longhorns. Will Muschamp has the Texas D playing solid football. That said, Oklahoma will win by two touchdowns. The result will be that an angry Texas team beats up on Mizzou next week. (That was two for the price of one, folks!)

Toledo at Michigan
I know. I know. Who cares? Right? Well, half of my family are from Toledo and have strong ties with the school up north. My mom attended Toledo, though. So, I'm picking the upset. Toledo will pull away in the fourth quarter and win by at least two scores. It's a sad year in Ann Arbor. Of course, Michigan will probably win the rest of their games (until they travel to Columbus) to remain bowl-eligible.

Vanderbilt at Mississippi State
Will Vandy's magical season continue? Nope. MSU gets the upset. Vandy comes back to earth.

Purdue at Ohio State
Because I'm a homer, I rarely pick Ohio State to lose. The question is not whether or not they will win, rather it's by how much. Terrelle Pryor is deeply entrenched in what has to be the scariest one-two punch in college football since White-Slaton at WVU. Ohio State 38, Purdue 3.

Notre Dame at North Carolina
Like Vanderbilt, Notre Dame comes back to earth. UNC will knock the snot out of the Irish.

Michigan State at Northwestern
Big Ten game of the week? Did I really say that? This game should be a shoot-out. I'm betting Northwestern hangs on to win 38-35. Besides, Michigan State is due to fall apart. I mean, they are the Clemson of the north.

Oklahoma State at Missouri
A bunch of people are talking about this one as a look-ahead or trap game for Mizzou. I doubt it. OK State has a potent enough offense to catch the Tigers' attention. It will be a shoot-out, but Mizzou should be comfortable in a contest of who can score the most. Tigers: 55-38.

Penn State at Wisconsin
Wisconsin gets back on track. The Badgers slow things way down, win 13-10. Wisconsin won't lose again. Penn State begins a two-game losing streak.

LSU at Florida
Florida will win this by 10 or more. The self-destruction that is the SEC begins.

Ball State at Western Kentucky
The Cardinals win another on their way to the BCS. Really. I'm not kidding. I've been saying it all year. Watch.


Donna said...

Ah, phooey. I read it as "pics," as in pics of Lucia. But now that I think about, she isn't in week 7 yet, is she?

Pizza Cottontail said...

If this insomnia thing is persistent, try valerian root. It'll knock you out.