Friday, October 10, 2008

Who is Barack Obama?

Lately, the McCain/Palin camp has gone on the offensive, asking, "Who is Barack Obama?" Apparently their confusion over their opponent's identity has caused Obama to open a six point lead in the polls. It's a rather curious strategy to admit one's ignorance.

Where have these people been the past four years? (Or 20 years.) Did they not pay attention when Obama spoke at the 2004 DNC? Do they not read newspapers? Have they not read his books?

Well, I would like to help John McCain and Sarah Palin. I would like to tell them a little about the Senator from Illinois. This way, they can realize who they are up against.

First, the Republicans should do a little research on the internets, or system of tubes. That's what you call a "Google," my friends. If they had, they would have stumbled upon Barack Obama's Wikipedia entry. There they could have discovered that Obama did such dastardly things as edit the Harvard Law Review, registered voters, taught Constitutional law, and married Michelle, his spouse for the past 18 years. They would have also discovered that Barack Obama has a political record. It's not as long as McCain's or Joe Biden's, but he's also a little younger than those guys.

Barack Obama is not a terrorist or even terrorist sympathizer. I mean, palling around with political extremists is not the best way to win a major, national election. Ask Sarah Palin. She's all BFF with some Alaskan separatists and she's going to lose this election.

Barack Obama is not Muslim. Of course, I think it would be cool if he were, but that's because I understand that Muslim does not equal terrorist. As far as morals and religious beliefs, Obama is a devout Christian who has not succumbed to dirty politics as some would suggest.

Why doesn't anyone ask about McCain's morals and ethics? Wait. I will. Is McCain an ethical/moral man?


What else might one want to know about Obama? Well, he is black, in case you were unaware...all you color-blind folks out there. His father was from Kenya and mother from Kansas. Some people think this is a liability. These talking heads often cite the "Bradley Effect" in their reasoning. Others see things differently.

Of course, this election is about the issues. Many people claim that Obama does nothing more than talk pretty. It has been suggested that he has no ideas on policy. This misunderstanding by the McCain folks could have been avoided had his campaign known how to Google Obama. They would have stumbled upon his website, which comes up right after the news on Obama leading the polls. (Heck, even Fox "News" knows about the polls.) If they (or you, undecided Missourian voter) were to look at Obama's website, they would come to the realization that Barack Obama does have some solid ideas on how to fix the mess in which we find ourselves. Not everyone will agree, but he does have some ideas that are, in fact, easier to nail to the wall than Jello.

Actually, the one issue that comes up in every presidential election is taxation. People want to know about Obama's tax plan. OK. Here it is: 95% of those making less than $200,000 will not pay a penny more in taxes. Check out this calculator that will tell you how much you will have to pay under Obama's plan. How will he pay for this tax break? He'll tax the rich and it's about time.

I think I know who Barack Obama is. I also know is who John McCain, Sarah Palin, and their supporters are and for what they stand.

I don't have time to get into McCain. A lot has been written about him already. So, check out The Real John McCain. Luckily, this site is mostly made of videos, so you don't have to read what someone else has to say about McCain. You can hear the Senator speak for himself.

OK. What about Sarah Palin? Who is she? Well, for starters, she is one of the most popular governors in the country. (Of course not everyone in Alaska feels that way.) She has her own scandal ending in a "-gate" during her short time in office. Did I mention that she's a crazy Bible-thumper?

You all know these things about the GOP ticket. They either bother you or they don't.

The real discovery for me has been the result of the original question: Who is Barack Obama? It is unbelievable the vicious lies and hate-speech that is being passed off as political campaigning these days by McCain/Palin. What's worse is how their supporters are taking the GOP's fear-mongering and running with it. Don't believe me? Watch...

Then, read it here.

I guess if you're scared of losing the election, you have to make everyone else just as scared using lies and innuendo. And what we fear the most is the unknown. So, McCain and Palin have raised the stakes with their nasty campaign strategy to spread rumors and lies about Barack Obama. The maverick is desperate.

If you want people to see the real Obama's, send them this video and be done with it. If they want to believe the shit the Right is shoveling, let them. Obama doesn't need their votes anyway.

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Those videos are so freaking disturbing. I'm speechless.