Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tag (Not the Palin, the Chain Blog)

So, my sister "tags" me on MySpace - which I am never on these days - with the message below. She said that I would write something interesting. Doubtful, but I thought I'd give it a whirl anyway. Feel free to copy and paste the following paragraph and to do the same. I did not do anything to the message to make it sound like an over-exuberant thirteen-year-old. (I know. Who is this Lisa? What will she do if we don't do it?)

The rules are: Once you have been tagged, you write a blog with 10 random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end you chose 10 people to be tagged, list their names and why you chose them. Don't forget to leave them a comment saying "you have been tagged" and tell them to read your latest blog. It sucks I know but what else ya got to do to people??? Isn't this gonna be fun? Now SHUT UP AND DO IT because Lisa told me to.
1. Right now, I am wearing a Moby wrap and a Yo La Tengo t-shirt from their And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out tour. There is actually alternate artwork on the inside and back of the shirt.2. I bought a six-pack of Bells' Hell Hath No Fury Ale this past week and I only have two bottles left. Mmmmm, it's so good. Rich, chocolaty, dreamy.

3. I have listened to the new Crooked Fingers album exactly one time and can't tell you a thing about it...except that Neko Case makes a guest appearance.

4. I really don't think anyone else will do this whole chain blog thing. For one, some of you out there - and you know who you are - have a shtick that will keep you from straying too far. Also, chain letters used to suck. The only thing that sucks more than chain letters are chain emails.

5. I voted for Ralph Nader in 2000. Yes, I was the one.

6. There is an outside chance that I could interview one of my greatest indie rock heroes...if the website (Please don't follow the link yet. It's a disgrace right now.) for which I am supposed to write is ever up and running. You get three guesses as to who this person is. If you guess correctly (and I get the interview), I'll let you ask one question.

7. I secretly hate myself for openly loving college football so much. It is despicable in so many ways. Universities make millions of dollars off poor college kids who never see a dime, especially if they blow their knees or never get drafted. Oh and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Whatever, I will still tune in to watch Ohio State lose next weekend to Michigan State.

8. It was me on this dude named Brian who stuck that inner tube around the flagpole at Camp Willson in 1996. We rigged a broom stick, a 32 oz. plastic cup, and some duct tape to get the thing over the top.

9. Even though I was one of the first people in my circle to support Barack Obama, I somehow feel like he will lose to the Bradley Effect...or just plain old racism.

10. I would like to leave this state.

Ten People to bother with this stupid chain post: Tag, mother f*****s!

1. Billy - He hasn't posted on his blog in a long, long time. And he knows everyone.

2. Pizza - He claims to have retired from blogging. Too bad.

3. Lovey - Pizza's partner needs to blog about something other than unicorns and kitties.

4. GE - He won't do it. He has a formula that works, but it's worth a try.

5. Huey - He finally listened to me and started a blog. His topics are as schizophrenic as mine.

6. KR - She may have been my first blog fan. Good stuff on science, Radiohead, and Philly.

7. KS - She's an old college friend whom I rediscovered on some certain social networking site.

8. Sarah - Homeschooling honey from NC. (Sorry for the sexist remark. I was just trying to use some alliteration with "homeschooling."

9. ATR - Central Standard is a very interesting read straight outta Lincoln, via COMO.

10. Donna - R's colleague and our regular Monday night sitter teaches the kids about this stuff.

If anyone feels left out, I'll gladly add you to the list. I know that at least three of these ten won't take my dare to join this chain writing fun.


Kate said...

Hey, I copied that paragraph from Lisa, so a 28 year old wrote that semi-aggressive tag statement, not a 13 year old.

ks said...

I'm a slacker! I haven't posted in a really long time. Too busy getting bogged down with this crappy economy and the psychological (and financial) effect its having on my customers. People aren't buying my shoes, and my paychecks aren't quite what they should be as a result. I'll take your challenge, though. Check for a response this week. And thanks for the motivational tag.

Kate said...

Do you mind taking down the link to my flickr page? I'd greatly appreciate!

ks said...

I'm guessing Stephen Malkmus for #6.

Pizza Cottontail said...

Lost my web connection, so this may post twice.

1) Stephen Malkmus. If you get the interview, I'll come up with a good question, probably something about can the guy interviewing you sleep with you just once, no strings attached.

2) Since I was tagged, I came out of retirement, just for you!

comoprozac said...

Sorry all. Work's got me busy (and baby). I will read everyone's responses once I get a minute.

While I will not confirm nor deny ks and pizza's guesses, I will say that they win the prize. If the interview actually takes place, you two can write a question each. Pizza, your question has already been accepted. (I'm not sure whether I should ask it first or last.) Ks is up next.

Pizza Cottontail said...

Somewhere in the middle. If you ask too soon, it could make you look too aggressive, or like this is going to be a majorly quirky interview. But if you wait til the end and he says no, then you don't have a follow-up.

ks said...

I just remembered that I had that Yo La Tengo t-shirt, but I have no idea what happened to it. From the 2000 tour, right? Anyhoo...I can't believe all my old concert tees have disappeared. Did I give them away? That was really dumb. Sorry for the rambling.....