Tuesday, September 18, 2007


To commemorate my 100th post, I have decided to countdown the top five moments of living in misery history.

5. My First (Real) Comments - When I first started this blog, I thought that you posted some writing and people from all ends of the world wide web would somehow Google their way to your blog and leave amazing comments about what an insightful writer and modern-day Socrates you are. Well, that didn't happen. Instead, I got SPAM on my comments. I soon learned that you have to (1) set the security on your comments section, (2) read other people's blogs, (3) comment on those blogs, and (4) promote yourself endlessly. Eventually, bloggers and laypeople alike began posting their comments on this here blog, now 100 posts old.

4. Local Celebrity Status - One day in early June, I received this random email that included the following...

I ran across you on Flickr and then linked to your blog. I like what you are doing and hope you will share with the rest of us. We can list your blog under “local blogs” on our site and even take posts from it to feature in MyMissourian. Right now, I am looking for photographers willing to share their perspective on the Twilight Festival. No rules, just perspectives. Interested?
To make a long story short, I said that I was interested. Since then, the Missourian has run at least two posts and I've earned a mention in the Vox. I know that ain't much, but I'll take it.

3. Honorable Mentions - Thanks to all the networking and the blove (blog love), I have had some nice shout-outs from my fellow bloggers. The networking continues as a friend is planning on having me conference electronically with his college class to discuss blogging, web 2.0, and citizen journalism. I sometimes feel isolated here in Misery, but blogging has helped fill some of that void.

2. Spin-offs/Life-changing Effects - This one is odd. I recently started and ended a rather controversial blog about a local radio personality (and NPR in general) that ended in one friend being asked to leave and helping to create an untenable working environment. It certainly helped to change their lives and it affected me as well.

I've also begun other blogs with less-disastrous effects. My oeuvre blog dedicated to Pavement earned a mention on Fluxblog and is linked to several other oeuvre blogs. While it won't change any lives, it has given me a chance to write only about my favorite band in the world, Pavement.

1. 100 - #1 is lame, but I am kinda proud that I've made it this far. I've come a long way since my first post in August of last year and I plan to continue...as long as I can find time outside of my real job.


FilthyRenditions said...

I live in holland, I am replying to your blog. Enjoy ( i do not think that i qualify from around the world, because i know karen.)

Anonymous said...

Re: Spin offs/Life changing effects...

The work environment already sucked dick.

There I said it. And then I'm going to blog the shit out of it in a week and a half.

Congrats on post 100! I can only hope that my next place of employ doesn't find my blog and give me shit about it.

"It felt like you were shitting on me" is probably the most hard-hitting critique of my writing I've ever recieved. I need more things to shit on. Which will probably be Como and Misery for a while, at least until it snows.

ATR said...

Congratulations on your 100th post! I rank it among the notable achievements of 2007. A couple friends of mine had a baby the other day, but even that didn't knock you out of the top three (it was, after all, their second child)!