Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This Flag Signals Goodbye

I should have know this would happen. It wasn't as if the band was playing anymore shows. This is maybe sadder than the day Pavement hung it up forever (or next year).

Recently, it was announced that Swearing at Motorists would be playing a lone, random show in Dayton. This gave me hope that I would catch them again, but that hope did not last long.

I've written about Swearing at Motorists before here and here. So, you should know my fanaticism is true.

Today, this was posted on Facebook...

Then this...

That's right. Swearing at Motorists will be no more. I think the worst part of being an aging rock fan is that all your favorite bands and musicians eventually stop playing music.


Juliet said...

There will be another Swearing at Motorists album. Dave talked about it on my show last night.

Unknown said...

I read your post on the Springfest 2001(2?) Swearing at Motorists show.

I first saw them there too and I had no idea that anyone else thought it was as amazing as I did, but I figured someone had to be out there! Nice to see that person exists. :)

I remember liking the Starlight Mints too.