Tuesday, October 20, 2009


It's hard to believe that I have written (actually published) 600 posts on this blog. Sure, several posts were videos or just images, but that's writing too, isn't it? R has a PhD in rhetoric and composition and she'd agree with me.

I have published 600 posts in just over three years of blogging. That's about 200 a year, 3.8 posts a week. It's not the most prolific blog ever, but it's something.

Of course, I've written another 100-150 posts elsewhere, but this here is my baby. This is the blog I always turn to. This was the blog that started it all.

I wouldn't have come anywhere near 600 had it not been for my readers. You all show up in the comments or tell me what you think in person about what I write here. That keeps me going. Thank you.

The most impressive part is that R hasn't left me after 600 blog posts.

Thank you all and here's to another 600 posts in misery.

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Anonymous said...

Don't ever stop. Your blog makes me happy and keeps me going, too, and I've only just started...