Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Weekend

These things happened this weekend...

  • You may or may not know about my deerslayer/Chingachgook experience Wednesday night, but I finally received a new, sweet ride from the rental place: Chevy Cobalt.
  • Lucia and her friends were locked in the nanny's car while at the park. The nanny freaked and was nearly ready to break a window, but was talked out of it by one of the kid's grandmother who was along for the ride. It took COMO's finest TWENTY EFFING MINUTES to arrive on the scene. Come on. This was an emergency. What's going on in this town that kept the police from getting to the nanny's car? I guess if it doesn't involve a taser it isn't worth the cops' time.
  • Happy Hour at the 'Tag happened. Funny thing: I haven't seen you there in a while. What's up with that? I'm beginning to think you don't like me. Don't sweat it. Plenty of regulars did show.
  • Saturday was primarily spent bottling. JM came over to continue in his role as homebrew guru. In all, we bottled 48 beers. Now, I wait five days, try one to see if it's drinkable, and repeat every two days until the batch is ready.
  • While bottling, we were able to drink an Avery Maharajah (LOVE IT!), Stoudt's Double IPA (OK, doesn't feel like a double), Dogfish Head Raisin d'Etre (always good, I tasted raisins), and a Sam Adams Longshot Double IPA (Pliny the Elder clone, so you know it's good).
  • Just before bottling, the hose to the faucet (it's one of those pull-out spray doo-hickies) busted. Lowe's didn't have replacement parts without ordering, so we opted to buy another faucet. I don't know that I've ever cursed anything as much as I did the old faucet for refusing to come out of the sink. Luckily, friends brought over some dinner and relatives. Our friends' brother-in-law had just fixed three of sinks in the past couple of years and had an inkling of what to do. He tore it apart and we now have a new facet.
  • I took R and Lu to Bleu (pronpounced "bleh", I believe) for Mother's Day brunch. Bleu is a rather swanky place and featured an interesting menu. Then the food came. R's smoked lox and eggs Benedict was cold and the eggs were overcooked. My French toast made with Brioche was also cold. This place has been really hyped over the past several months, but it really disappointed this morning. We'll give it a try for dinner some night, but I'm not hopeful.
  • Our garden received some new additions. In addition to the mixed greens, red lettuce, herbs, and strawberries we already planted, R added some tomato, pepper, and
  • I tried out my newly purchased, Craigslisted running stroller today in my ongoing effort to split the difference between my high school weight and my current girth. (Is it really possible to gain forty pounds after high school?) We thought maybe Lu would sleep for the entire ride. However, she squealed and babbled for the entire 35-minute run.
  • The faucet leaked tonight.
  • We ate fillet wrapped in bacon for dinner. Happy Mother's Day to me.
  • Speaking of which, I called my mom.
  • Oh, and I'm listening to Japandroids, Matt & Kim, and Dark Was the Night with new releases by Conor Oberst, Camera Obscura, and St. Vincent to consider.
  • Shows I will probably miss because of a baby: The Dears (5/14 @ Mojo's - They're Canadian.), Malone w/ Ptarmigan (5/15 @ Mojo's - EP release night), Willie Nelson (5/20 @ 9th Street), White Rabbits (6/9 @ Mojo's - Kewl.), Conor Oberst (6/29 @ Blue Note - Actually, I'm going to this one. Tickets arrived this week.), and a bunch of stuff in STL.
  • Oops. I forgot to mention this is going to happen. You crazy kids.


jmenter said...

I tasted raisins as well.

Unknown said...

Congrats on the beer! Patience is usually the hardest thing for new brewers and I wouldn't be disappointed if your first few bottles are so-so (or not carbonated). The beer will get better as it matures, the key is to brew more now so that your stockpile doesn't run out before it's reached it's peak flavor.