Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Revinylization Project: Japandroids - Post-Nothing (and a few other arrivals)

Japandroids are a full bombardment of drum and guitar in your face a la Trail of Dead or Girls vs. Boys. The fact that there's just two of them makes this achievement even more impressive. I really don't understand how two can sound like five. I guess the logic lies somewhere near that eleventh notch on the Marshal stacks.

Normally, I don't go for beer and lifestyle music, but for Japandroids I will make an exception. They make getting drunk with your friends feel earnest again. And if you didn't catch it the first time, they'll repeat it for you.

There isn't one, except for the download card.


It's black and white with a silly portrait of the band embracing on the cover and a live shot on the backside. It reminds me of the Black Keys' first LP. It's simple, raw, much like the band's sound.

As mentioned before, purchasers are entitled to a download. Lucky for me since I don't yet have a ultra-glide in the car, I have been able to listen to this album non-stop. The best part is the message on the download card.

The label features the same drawing as on the download card. It's odd how hands in a prayer position sort of resemble a certain piece of female anatomy. Coincidence?

You knew this band had to be good if they're touring with Sonic Youth while promoting their debut on an unheard-of label (Unfamiliar) after two self-released EP's. Have you stopped reading so that you can order your own copy?


In the works for the project...

Bill Callahan - Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle
I'm still getting to know Bill Callahan, but this album makes me think I need to explore the catalog a little closer. I can't help but think that Mr. Callahan might be our generation's Leonard Cohen. Anyone care to correct me on this? For a more complete review of this excellent disc, check the bathysphere who love everything Callahan.

Also, I have yet to listen to these...

St. Vincent - Actor
Of course, it may take me a while to get a good feel for this record as the download didn't work at all.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - It's Blitz!
Honestly, I have a bad feeling about this one. It came sort of late, because I was late at pre-ordering and the album was oversold. So, here it is. I'm afraid to listen. I know it's gonna stink.

Magnolia Electric Co. - Fading Trails
I had no idea which record to buy at the Magnolia show the other night, so I grabbed the one with the fuzzy blue cover. Little did I know that the cover featured some nice 60's porn shot. I'll listen to it soon enough, but I'm sure Pizza will chime in with an opinion.

I think that's all the vinyl I have for now. A new shipment of plastic sleeves arrived in the mail today. Now I can protect my records adequately. Oh, and word from Insound is that I have more on the way. Woot!

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Pizza Cottontail said...

I can't believe I missed this post...it didn't show up in my reader or something. Fading Trails has some good tracks. Because it was recorded over several sessions with different producers in different studios, it doesn't really have an album feel...but still solid set of songs.