Sunday, September 20, 2009

What did I miss?

No, I did not quit this blog.

A company that will be referred to as "Schmediacom" decided that people who work from home don't need Internet service that badly and cut off our service without notice. We called, waited several hours on the phone, and begged them to return the Internets to our home. Schmediacom politely and somewhat sincerely promised to fix the problem in a week.

That seemed like a long to time to us.

So, we switched carriers and waited even longer for them to figure out that our wires were crossed in several places. Long story short, we now have Internet service. The blog will live again.

A bunch of stuff happened that was probably post-worthy. So, I'll catch you up and promise never to sign on with Schmediacom again so that you can get your fix of lim uninterrupted. Here is a list of postable moments from the last week+ in bullet-point format.

  • Lucia's birthday party/our survival open house was a huge success. We sipped on a mini-keg of Schlafly Dry-Hopped APA among other things. Lu received a bunch of loot that was both unexpected and greatly appreciated.
  • Ohio State lost their big game to USC that same evening. After nearly breaking down and sobbing uncontrollably, I put the loss in perspective. This Buckeye team is still a year away from being a true contender and the defense played an outstanding game. OSU will probably win out while USC might not even win their conference. It will all come out in the wash.
  • My brother and I went on a beer field trip last Sunday with the Columbia Beer Enthusiasts. We toured and sampled beer at O'Fallon and Mattingly breweries, had beer brunch at the Stable (where we also caught the good half of the Browns game), sampled more beer at Four Square and Schlafly's Tap House, and purchased some beer in Illinois. The best part was the beer. The worst part was squeezing fifteen adults in a 15-passenger van.
  • The Walkmen announced a stop in COMO. I already have the ticket. It should be a fun evening in early October.
  • We lost Internet service for over a week.
  • People sort of show for our weekly happy hour at the 'Tag. Either way, with the regulars and that free APA cask night a few weeks back, the place is hopping every Friday.
  • There is still not an acceptable solution to our health care crisis.
  • I'm sure I've forgotten something.
I know there was other stuff to blog, but I've since forgotten. I hope to pick up the pace again and earn your RSS time. Stay tuned...


Pizza Cottontail said...

Patrick Swayze died. Kanye West did something funny. Pavement reunion. Etc.

comoprozac said...

Crap! I was totally going to mention the Pavement reunion. Thanks, Pizza!