Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Trip to the Farm

Living two hours from the closest major city (or cities) provides one opportunities for agrarian experiences. Today, our friends invited us out to their farm for such an adventure. There was dinner involved as well, but more on that later.

Our friends own a nice plot of land backed up to a creek with space for cows, ducks, chickens, pigs, and turkeys. We've eaten some of their chickens and eggs and have not been disappointed thus far. Despite growing up in a farming community, I rarely tasted meat grown by someone I knew. (This does not take into account the numerous times I've eaten my father's lamb in adulthood.) There's something comforting about eating an animal that was carefully and humanly raised by a friend or acquaintance.

Anyway, Lucia had a great time meeting the chickens, turkeys, and dogs. She seemed unsure of the cows. Of particular interest was a poor caterpillar who could not escape her grasp.

One thing that Lucia loved (as well as the adults) was dinner. The coq au vin our hosts put together was pretty unreal. It's not often one eats rooster slow cooked in a pot of wine. Maybe that doesn't sound great to you, but it was pretty awesome. Only in rural Misery...or France. (We washed it down with an Ommegang Abbey Ale. Perfect pairing.)

After dinner and some delicious custard, we headed down to the creek. Lucia enjoyed the water as she was simultaneously thrilled and terrified of the running water. We'll certainly have to bring her back once it's warm again and I remember my Tevas.

Overall, it was a nice evening on the farm.

For all the cracks I make about Misery and COMO, I do appreciate what the countryside has to offer. We are regulars at the farmer's market and buy several other foods from local farmers through other networks. This we like about Misery.

(If interested or just plain voyeuristic, click on the pics for the source or click below for the set.)

A Trip to the Farm


abby said...

Right on! Love the post and the photos. That Lu... I wonder if you were there late enough to see the ducks gather at their crate door. I hope the turkeys are looking good. That Jim can cook, eh?

comoprozac said...

With some coaxing, we got to see the ducks crated. Yes, Jim can cook...well even.