Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's Quiet in COMO Tonight

Graduation is over. A fourth of COMO's population just moved out. This town is quiet again.

Maybe the best part of living in a college town is summertime. The streets are quiet. The lines are short at the art house theater. The bars aren't crowded and the occasional rock show is easy to to attend without getting crowded by a bunch of hipsters.

Don't get me wrong. I've met in-person and virtually a great group of students at Mizzou. They'll be missed, especially those who just graduated and are moving on. Their energy and creativity keep me going.

However, I won't miss the reckless driving, collar-poppin', date-rapin', Bud Light-guzzling, no-coat-wearing undergrads that hopefully did not miss their rides back to STL, KC, Springfield, Box Elder, and BFE, MO. They can go. I need my quiet summer to begin.

With the town's slowdown, my posting rate often winds down a bit. Of course, I can't imagine it being any slower than my 2-3 posts a week pace that I currently produce. We've got other plans in the works that should both keep me from blogging while simultaneously giving me plenty about which to write.

There is a possible trip to ATL for R to be a part of some panel for two days. I've started scoping out the town for my couple of days, but that trip's still up in the air.

R's dad is treating us to a nice beach vacation in North Carolina. It should be a good time, but for all my beer and music readers I won't be anywhere near
Asheville nor Chapel Hill. It might be pictures of Lu on the beach for a week. Who knows?

Aside from those trips, there may or may not be one or two jaunts east. Those trips should give me plenty to share.

I'm taking three courses this summer to help me become certified as a school administrator, but that's a long down the road. The point is that I will be busy with coursework all summer. Ugh.

What this all really means is that I will have time to put together a few thoughtful and worthy pieces on music or generally non-COMO topics. At least that's what I've done with my summers in the past: fewer posts, better quality.

Look for a return to one of my most visited posts of last year: The Best of 2009...So Far. If you remember, someone really took offense to my comparison of
Zooey Deschanel and Nico/Neko Case and my ass hat. Whatever that is.

So, yes, I will continue to post on this blog. Bear with me as I fiddle with the look. I should start cranking out some decent posts in the coming weeks.

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ks said...

Classes to a school administrator? That's awesome! Best of luck w/ the classes.