Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Need Your Help

You may have noticed the blog's new look. I had been contemplating a change for some time. Then, last night, I played around with some new ideas and here we are. But the process is not done. I need your help.

First, what do you think of the new scheme and banner? How badly do you miss the old look? What would you do differently with the new look? Every idea will be considered.

Second, I need some help with my blogrolls. Is your blog on my roll? If not, let me know and I'll add it. There's a good chance I read your blog but have been to lazy to add it to the blogroll. Also, if your blog is there but shouldn't be, tell me.

Third, any input as far as the blog's aesthetic would be appreciated. I have no design background, but I know that I like simple and wanted to keep some of the colors from the old layout.

I look forward to your suggestions.


Jake said...
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Jake said...

From an aesthetic standpoint you may want to consider drawing the content to the center of the page more by leaving unused space on the sides. This will direct the eye better to your content and gives it a better sense of navigation/importance.

Also, you have my old blog on your roll (95total). If you'd like, replace it with my new one ( Thanks, and good luck with the redesign; they can be very time consuming, yet rewarding.

comoprozac said...

Great suggestion, Jake. I sort of thought the same thing. The problem is that my html knowledge is limited and this is a template. If you have any ideas, I'm all eyes/ears.

Zach said...

If you want to adjust the size of the content field, you'll have to edit the width of #main-wrapper in CSS (located in your HTML in this case). For a reference point, The Bathysphere's main wrapper is 510px with 15px margins on both sides.

The simplest improvement you could make is left-aligning your images. It seems counter-intuitive at first, but you want an uninterrupted line on the left since your text is left-aligned.

dills said...

i like it! your face is too sad, though. and you know mo ain't so bad... :)

ks said...

I think the new header is killer. Plus, I love the cleanness of the template. Very 2009! (2008, at the very least) :)

I have NO knowledge on how to alter the template, as that was the problem on my blog. So good luck with that. Otherwise, I think it looks great. LOVE the header!

Anonymous said...

Have you darkened the orange or is this just a work computer/home computer difference. I like it darker, which must mean I like work, which I am pretty sure is not true.

I liked watching the little adjustments over the past few weeks.

comoprozac said...

The orange on the banner is exactly the same color. However, there are some oranges in there that are lighter. I could make them universally darker, I suppose.