Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Some Thoughts About 'living in misery'

When I started this blog, I wanted some way to deal with my (self-diagnosed) depression. I felt that much of my unhappiness was due to my circumstances, including living here. The blog was a place for me to get all of that off my chest.

After a few posts, I realized that it wasn't enough to just write. I wanted someone to read what I was writing and to even comment once in a while. So, I started reading other blogs, leaving comments, and telling anyone I could about lim.

At first, just a few friends would read and comment, but they would mostly talk to me about what I had written over beers or at work. A lot of conversations were started with something I posted. The conversation was what I wanted. And my friends took what I had to say seriously. I mean, they are my friends. Shouldn't they take what I say seriously?

Then, something happened. People I didn't even know began reading the blog and leaving comments. I became real-life friends with some. Others are my friends on Facebook or Twitter; the only thing separating us are actual miles. The conversation grew to include perspectives outside my physical social circle.

Like my friends, these new readers started to pay attention to the content on lim. I don't mean to say that I was replacing the New York Times or even The Columbia Tribune, but people I didn't even know were now reading and discussing my blog.

Of course, along with the fans and followers came the critics, but even they somehow saw me as some sort of authority that needed to be corrected.

Through all of this - nearly 500 posts of it - my readership has grown and so has the interest in what I have to say. That's what gets me. People are actually interested in what I have to say and they often want to be part of that conversation without even knowing me. Somehow I have been given a certain amount of authority just because I'm willing to post my thoughts online, on a public forum.

I want to thank my readers for participating in the conversation. Thank you for keeping me in check when I'm wrong. Thank you for reading even though I'm talking about something you don't care about just to see if I mention something in which you are interested. Thank you for mentioning me to your friends. Thank you for keeping me on your blogroll. Thank you for the shout-outs. Thank you for reading and commenting.

Thanks for living through misery with me.

I'm sorry for the sappy post. I have just been inspired by so many readers and fellow bloggers recently with their own ideas and blog posts. I really am flattered that any of you think I have something worthwhile to say. It's motivated me to keep blogging. That's why this is already the fifth post of the week and it's just Wednesday.

Don't worry. I'll get back to cynicism and hating this place by tomorrow. Come to happy hour at the 'Tag if you happen to be in COMO. Let's have a beer together.


Telebastard said...

It's funny how this blog has ended up being one I hit every couple of hours in my OCD "Did I miss anything on the internet" rounds. It's a curse, but at least my pseudo-life on the internet has content about close-to-home matters.

ks said...

I'm just here for the Kenny Chesney posts. Heh.

Keep it're far better at posting than I am. I think I enjoy reading your blog & commenting more than I enjoying posting on my own these days.

I'll drink a beer in honor of LIM this weekend on my trip to New Orleans.

Whitty said...

I love reading this blog! Keep it up. :)

I moved here about a year and a half ago for graduate school from the northeast. I cried when I got here. Seriously.

Also, as far as the poll, I equally enjoy posts about Columbia and music.

Ryan said...

Google Reader has allowed me to manage my similar OCD "DId I miss anything on the internet" things. Most pages that have updates have RSS/Atom feeds, so I don't have to check the sites themselves for updates. They're in Google Reader waiting for me whenever I manage to make it online.