Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Beer Wars

Something's been brewing on the beerosphere and the Columbia Beer Enthusiast Ning over the last month. A new documentary about the craft beer movement titled Beer Wars is set to hit theaters in mid-April. Check the trailer below.

I know this seems right up my alley, but I have a problem with the promotion and distribution of this film. As of now, the documentary does not seem to be getting wide release or even a limited release to some art house theaters (meaning our own Ragtag). Instead, the folks promoting the film are showing it one night (April 16) at various theaters with a live discussion to follow.

Here's video for that...

I know you're still wondering what's my problem.

Well, first of all, if I'm going to see a movie about beer, it would be nice to see it at a theater where they can actually serve some of the beer discussed in the film. Not only does the Ragtag serve some great craft brews and imports, but they are also an independent theater, one who often caters to documentaries taking on corporate America. Instead, our screening here in COMO is at the Forum 8 theater. Nice choice. Beer Wars will be seen in the theater between the new Pixar movie and the latest horror B-movie to fill the winter film season.

The second part I have a problem with is the fact that Ben Stein is hosting the post-film discussion. I don't want Ben Stein's egotistical conservative stance to dampen my night of hearing some of the best brewers in America talk about Beer Wars. I'd rather go back to the bar afterward and discuss it over a few pints.

The film's promoters have missed a golden opportunity to show this film in beer-friendly environments without the event being tainted by a right-wing nut. I'll just wait for Beer Wars to come out on DVD and watch it at home with an IPA or barley wine.

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Juliet said...

I'm guessing the problem is $$. It's a lot cheaper to do a live satellite beam-in of the film than send individual reels to art houses across the country. Plus, most art houses don't have the equipment needed to do the live thing. I found this out doing some research on why This American Life Live was only coming to 2 chain theaters in Dayton, not the Little Art or the Neon.

I agree -- it's super lame, and I would much rather attend a showing at my local art house live or not.