Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Revinylization Project: The Muslims - The Muslims

I don't know what it is about punk/garage rock that continually recycles the same approach only to turn out great music time and time again. I guess it proves the idea that emotion is more important than skill or something like that. I think it was Calvin Johnson who said it, but I digress.

I kept seeing the Muslims all over the blogosphere. Finally, I listened to an MP3 somewhere and thought this was a band worth the investment. This record is their self-titled debut, featuring songs from several early seven-inches. The energy and naivete that comes with a debut is all over this record and I love it.

On what looks like the recycled back of a notepad, the liner notes are printed (to look as if type-written). The Muslims wish you the best as you have acquired their product and the tracks are listed, divided into sides A and B naturally.

Despite the fact that the outside is a plain white sleeve with almost no print, the design is a nice attempt at originality. Much like the Stones featured a working zipper on an album cover, the Muslims nailed three holes through the sleeve, making the impression they had been shot. to further the effect, the sleeve holding the record is bright red and the holes go through an inside picture of the band.

The design alone is a nice extra for me. Also, the record did come with the always-welcome digital download.

Nothing special here. The label on the record is as simple and nondescript as the rest of the packaging.

You should buy this record b/c you haven't purchased anything interesting in a long time. Plus, a name as currently provocative as the Muslims deserve some space in your record collection.


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Todd said...

I love the "bullet hole" look of the vinyl. Too bad the Muslims backpedalled on their name... now they're called the Soft Pack. There's nothing provocative about that name at all!