Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Revinylization Project: Handsome Furs - Face Control

I don't know that I would have appreciated this record right after falling for Wolf Parade a few years back. Thanks to Isaac Brock's production, the first WP record really rocked. So much so that it made the band's various side-projects and last year's At Mount Zoomer really hard to accept. However, the overall body of their work demonstrates that they are more of a synth-heavy act as opposed to a guitar band.

Handsome Furs bring the hipster 80's love with Face Control. Besides the synthesizers all over the place, the band even throws in some sweet guitar riffs that scream "hair metal" or at least Guitar Hero. Their sound has really developed and solidified since the weird Plague Park.

The insert features some cool black and whites of the Handsome Furs couple in their travels and recording sessions.

Bold graphic design present a blown-up and highly cropped photo of a doberman in front of a bright red background and gold lettering. After WP's dud of an album cover, this is a striking contrast and graphic triumph...well, maybe it's just a really enjoyable album cover.

Nothing other than a digital download, for which I'm thankful.

It's a typical record with the classic Sub Pop label. There just aren't many of those anymore. I'd say Secretly Canadian and Sub Pop stand alone in branding a record label.

Buy this record because everyone should embrace the 80's-inspired hipster in all of us.


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