Wednesday, February 25, 2009

True False Countdown Overkill

We're still two days away from the start of True/False and I already feel like I've overdone the T/F-related blog posts. Just you wait for the weekend. In between films, beers, checking in on the kid, and possibly some sleep, I will be giving you my take on the day's well as the opinions of our house guests, the children of the corn.

Anyway, ticket day has arrived. At about 5:00 this evening, the box office opens to pass holders. I'll pick up R's and my passes as well as our reserved tickets tonight. Other pass holders will hit the Cherry Street Artisan tomorrow morning from 9:00 to noon.

Then, the box office opens up to the public. I've heard that this scene is a madhouse in the past. Get there early if you're planning on buying individual tickets. Of the films that still have tickets available, I find the following to be the most interesting...

I see two good options for Friday evening, but you'll only be able to see one. If you are not a student or missed tonight's screening, Afghan Star has some tickets available. It's always interesting whenever a film looks at Western influence in a war-ravaged, third-world nation. The other film I thought might be entertaining (I'm considering the Q on this one.) is Glastonburykids Kids. Silly adolescent boys doing stupid things is always a good time. Besides, I might be a little giddy by that point. It's been a long month.

You should buy tickets for We Live in Public or Carmen Meets Borat. Since their times overlap, you would have to choose one or the other. We Live in Public is a sort of art project on voyeurism as people volunteered to live in a warehouse while their every move is recorded for our pleasure. Carla... takes a look at the other side of a Western cultural phenomena.

Even though there will be a lot of room in the Q for entrance to a film on Sunday due to hangovers and people returning to their homes, you can grab a couple of tickets to avoid the lines. Reporter is looking a lot like it could be this year's Man on Wire, the academy award winner. Burma VJ also has some tickets available. This film is this year's True Life Fund recipient, meaning that money is raised throughout the weekend in order to support the subjects' cause.

The children of the corn arrive Thursday, mainly so they can get sushi at Osaka. I've mentioned this before, but it is a sad day when someone has to drive five hours to COMO for some raw fish. I'll be sure to share a beer or two with the corn kids as we map out the weekend.

I'm taking Friday afternoon off to insure a spot in the Q for Gaea Girls at 5:00. It appears this will sadly interfere with my opportunity to see the annual parade. Legend has it that the parade started as a march since the festival took place during the first weekend of March, earning it the name March March. However it started, the parade has become a favorite event of the community. The march starts at the Note and ends at Macklenburg. Anyone can join and will.

Rumor has it there are filmmakers wander the streets of COMO. Soon, film fans will join them. True/False is almost here...

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