Thursday, February 26, 2009

One More Day Until True/False Begins...for some of us

When a friend posts this picture (not the one above) on Twitter and tells you not to be jealous, it makes you realize that the cheap "Simple" Pass you bought was not worth it. Next year we will purchase two Lux passes, join the fun on Thursday, and not miss a film from our wish list. Oh well. C'est la vie.

The children of corn are quickly approaching as I write this and they want their sushi. The children arrive tonight as will countless other film fanatics and film makers. That's not just a storm rolling in; it's an influx of really cool, smart people invading our already smarter-than-average burg. The IQ in this town will go up ten-fold in the next 24 hours.

Apparently, according to T/F's box office Tweets and the T/F blog, there are still hundreds of tickets available. This when we find out whether a small town, independent, documentary film festival is recession proof. My bet is that the fest's success will begin to plateau this year. How much bigger can a film festival like True/False really grow?

I'm warming up on the eve of the festival with a Mikkeller Stateside IPA. If you don't know the story of Mikkeller, you should. It's a documentary waiting to happen. These two Danes travel around to various breweries all over the world where they make their own approximations of popular styles. I fell in love with the Beer Geek Breakfast my sister brought me. I've had this IPA before at Sycamore. It's impressive how Mikkeller has found a way to make an American-style IPA so close to what all the craft brewers here are making. There's a load of these beers at Arena Liquor. Go there now an drink one so that they buy more Mikkeller brews.

I'm not sure there's really much else to report except that things get into full gear for us around 5:00 when (hopefully) the Q allows us to see our first film of the festival. Several blog posts to come...