Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year Resolutions

Everybody does it. Everybody forgets about it in three days. I'm posting my resoutions for 2009 here.

Mix up my posts.
I get in these ruts where every post is the same thing. My last ten or twelve posts are either beer-related or end-of-the-year record reviews. I have to mix it up to keep you all interested. The trouble is since the election has ended, I haven't wanted to post anything remotely political. There's got to be something else about which to write.

Take a break.
I've sort of run out of ideas lately. With the whirlwind of albums, shows, beer-tastings, presidential campaigns, etc. in the fall, I am left with very little motivation to blog. So, maybe I'll back off a little and take care of my family some more. They would like that.

Go to more shows.
Last year was promising with the number of shows I attended by September. It was even pretty amazing that I saw two shows since Lucia's birth, but then it stopped. Live music keeps me going me going. There are lots of shows coming up (Cursive with Bald Eagle, Foundry Field Recordings, Tapes 'n Tapes, some others I have already forgotten). I'll have to see if I can get out for any of them.

Stay ahead at work.
For those of you who don't know, I train teachers in using inquiry-based methods through technology. There's a lot of planning that goes on. The holiday afforded me some time to get a jump on some of my training sessions. Plus, I have jury duty this coming week and won't have time to get out to their schools. I may even get further ahead.

Keep my sports fanaticism in perspective.
I expected way too much out of Ohio State this year...and they still had a successful year. They won a share of the conference title for the the fourth straight year and made it to a BCS bowl. The same goes for the basketball team who is off to a fast start this season as well. I won't expect either to win national championships. Hopefully they will challenge for Big Ten titles and more games than they lose. That should be good enough.

I have to cut back on beer.
If you saw my beer stash right now, you'd wonder how I was going to accomplish such a resolution. I figure that after my sister leaves this weekend, I will limit myself to beer when there is entertaining or celebrating involved. No more of those beers just because I want to have one with dinner. Does anyone know how long barley wines and stouts can be stored?

Exercise more.
It's cliched, but I have to do it. I am more out of shape than I have ever been in my life. R bought me four sessions with a personal trainer mostly to get me to use our gym membership. It's been hard to find time to go, but now that Lucia's old enough to be left with the gym daycare, we should be able to go whenever we want.

See more movies.
I realize that many of these resolutions are sort of impossible with a little one around, but I don't care. I have to feel as though my life has not stopped. In actuality, I may never see all that many flicks this year. The thing is that if I state it as a priority, it may happen. We did fit in a showing of Milk last week and I plan to see Slumdog Millionaire this weekend. Movie wathing can happen. Besides, there's always Netflix, right?

Buy more vinyl.
I have recently gone through a stage of buying some of my favorite albums on vinyl via eBay. The only trouble with this is that I'm old enough that some of my favorite albums are rather expensive. The Afghan Whigs' Gentlemen has been just out of my reach several times. I'll keep trying though. I did win a pictodisc of Archers of Loaf's All Nations Airports and Pavement's Wowee Zowee. I've now started pre-ordering new albums on vinyl with the digital codes included.


Claire said...

Did you like Slumdog Millionaire? I thought it was pretty fantastic.

comoprozac said...

I haven't seen it yet, but there is a plan to go tomorrow.

Lauren K said...

Have you ever been to JT's Cd's & Records in Jefferson City? It's a bit of a hike but well worth it. A friend and I are in the habit of driving down there every few months to sift through this guys impressive record selection and the prices are incredible. The guy who owns the place is a pleasure to buy from and often cuts good deals. He gave me a rare unopened Chet Baker record for about $5.00. If you haven't been, I highly recommend paying a visit.

comoprozac said...

I have been to JT's and it is impressive for such a tiny shop. The time I was there I had to cut myself off. My only wish is that he stocked more 80's and 90's indie stuff.

Luke said...

Even though I had to scroll down through all the OSU nonsense to get to it, I enjoyed this post. I'm excited about the Cursive show (there's always been some conflict every other time they've been here) but sadly I only have one friend who's even remotely interested. Oh well, that's good enough.

Also, since beer is a frequent subject here, I thought I'd mention that while I was home over Christmas Break I had a Blueberry Ale (I don't remember what brewery, sorry) for the first time. I love anything blueberry so I'm biased, but have you ever had this wonderful experience?

comoprozac said...

Sorry about the OSU stuff. You should have read my Twitter feed or FB updates - out of control.

I saw Cursive back in the day and they were great. You should definitely go to this one and get there early enough to see Bald Eagle.

Can't say that I like many fruit-flavored beers, so I have not tried it.