Saturday, January 03, 2009

The Beer I Drank Today (and last night): Winter Solstice Seasonal Ale and North Bridge Extreme

The beer I drank yesterday: Anderson Valley Winter Solstice Seasonal Ale

Winter Warmer

Color: warm amber

not much of either, sort of flat

Aroma: hops, nutmeg, cinnamon

Flavor: sort of lacking flavor, slight hops, cinnamony

Context: My sister was making dinner. This beer didn't go with her risotto, so I thought we could consume it while she cooked. Even though I'm saving the stouts and barley wines for future winter evenings, I've tried to drink up all the winter warmers. This is the last of my stash.

Would I recommend this beer to you? No. I'm really disappointed in this beer. Usually, Anderson Valley makes an affordable yet solid brew, but this is an exception. This beer is flat in both body and flavor. I did like the touch of hops, but the rest was lifeless.

The beer I drank today: Nørrebro North Bridge Extreme
Imperial India Pale Ale

Color: golden brown

decent tan head, some sticky lacing to be found

Aroma: malt, hops, brown sugar

Flavor: malty, brown sugar sweetness

Context: We were smoking some chicken and ribs and I thought a beer would be a good time-filler. I bought this and a few other similar brews at Whole Foods last week. Also, I didn't want to drink up my Dogfish Head, and Stone selections, plus stouts and barley wines just don't seem right for an afternoon beer.

Would I recommend this beer to you?
Yes. It's a very drinkable DIPA with a slightly different take on the style: substituting some sugary fruitiness for bitter.

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