Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Walkmen, Redux

One of the last bands on my list to see since moving to Misery has been crossed off. The Walkmen made their way to COMO for the annual Springfest held by Mizzou's own KCOU.

According to rumor, the band flew into St. Louis and drove the final two hours just for this one gig. Usually college gigs pay well, so this makes sense. I also hear they were told they had to fill an hour-and-a-half gap in the schedule when they only prepared to play 45 minutes. Eventually they came up 10 minutes shy of the requirement, but I don't think the KCOU folks cared.

The band played a very workman-like set of old and new songs. It wasn't their most inspired set, but it also wasn't terrible. Members moved through the set efficiently and performed well for the most part. The only thing more professional than their performance was their attire. As is usual for The Walkmen, the band members came out in suits...or business casual at worst.

What was disappointing was the fact that the bottom half of the Blue Note was hardly filled. It seems that a few fliers on campus and a Facebook group doesn't bring people out for a rock show. The free admission for students (or $2 for the general public) wasn't even enough to attract an audience. With such a pitiful turn-out, I doubt The Walkmen will be back any time soon.

Sorry, there just wasn't much to report. For some pictures, visit The Bathysphere. They had even less to say...unless you count the fact that a picture is worth a thousand words.


BillySchuh said...

A long time ago, there was rumor circulated that northwest bands never came to columbia, because one of their own was wronged by a columbia show. i'm not sure how true this was, but i know we didn't get modest mouse or built to spill shows for awhile. anyway, i think the walkmen knew this was a university show, and the funny thing is, when they come back (and they will) the place will be packed and the audience will have shelled out $15 each for the admission. a lot of that attendance was based on student promotion. the university like the kids to learn how to promote the show, and unfortunately that can hurt the attendance.

comoprozac said...

I hope you're right Billy Schuh. I hope you're right.

Lovey said...

I'm one for letting students learn by doing and all, but turnout and publicity is something that they never do well.

It's ALWAYS a rebuilding year of MSA events committee, and the old gal in charge is physically and mentally incapable of getting to a point where she will give them guidance on promotions, or at least a clue.

Like that time Big Star came to columbia and no one knew about t.

comoprozac said...

Wait. Big Star came through town? How did I miss that?

Lovey said...

I think you were probably in grade school.

However Big Star was at Taste of St. Louis and promotion and therefore turnout was shitty. But I got so close I could touch them. I'm ashamed to admit i was robotripping and didn't enjoy it as much if I'd just had a beer and some spanikopita.

You missed Mooney Sazuki though.

BillySchuh said...

that big star show was a "big" deal. kcou was instrumental in bringing them in and almost went under after some budgets were underestimated... but yes the MSA machine is headed by a woman who has long since wore out her welcome as MSA president in 1980.

they need consistency.

Zach said...


They have it at Slackers.

Zach said...

Well, the link doesn't work, but you get the point.

comoprozac said...

I don't get it. What do they have at Slackers?

Zach said...

They cut an album at the show back in '93. They called it "Columbia" and it was reissued last year. Let's give this one more shot: