Monday, May 05, 2008

Greatest Drummers Ever.

This is the essential living in misery list of greatest drummers...ever.

OK. So, I have to qualify this post. I'm only counting drummers I have seen in person and actually remember. I'm sure I'm skipping someone and I'm sure you'll all point out drummers missing from my list, but I don't care. Leave your comments and post something on your own blog. For now, enjoy my top 5, in no particular order.
James Lo (Chavez, enough said) - Hands down, this is the greatest thing I've ever seen behind a kit. Just listen to Ride the Fader with a pair of headphones. It will become quite clear to you that this man should not be questioned. Since seeing this band in 1996, I have compared every drummer to Mr. Lo. He is one bad-ass mother...

Chuck Palmer (Earwig, Capital class of '97) - I actually found Chuck's MySpace page, but it does little to prove my point. He drummed for Earwig who played all over Columbus back in the day. Chuck always got so much out of this shitty little drum kit. I've rarely seen a drummer beat his skins so hard. Chuck attended Capital University in Columbus (where I went to school) and studied music in their conservatory. He introduced me to this Japanese drumming he was into...oh, and that dude from Chavez.

Steven Drozd (The Flaming Lips, recovering drug addict) - It's too bad that Steven Drozd is so good at so many instruments, because he has always been one of my 2-3 favorite drummers. He would hover over a kit with not shirt and sweat profusely all over the kit and beat those drums like a sledgehammer on concrete. The dude was intense as a drummer but has softened as he has moved away from the kit. The most disappointing thing for me when The Lips backed up Beck several years back was that Drozd barely played any percussion.

Ahmed Gallab/Daniel Snaith (Caribou, last Thursday night) - Have I not raved about this kid enough? Of course, the sonic cacophony created by Gallab and Snaith together was like nothing I've ever seen. Unbelievable.

Jeremiah Green (Modest Mouse, Satisfact) - I don't know if Green has been the same since he broke down several years ago, but he used to be the best underage drummer of the underground in the mid- to late-nineties. He was so magnificent that Isaac Brock's big ideas could actually come to fruition despite the lack of horn sections, keyboardists, and ex-Smiths guitarists. When Modest Mouse was a three-piece, Green was easily the equal to Brock's guitar-bending, lisp-heavy romps.

I know this list is incomplete, but I was hoping that a few of you would contribute your thoughts on the greatest drummer ever. Comment below...


Kate said...

Hell yeah, your list is incomplete. Although, I understand it's a personal preference. I'll always argue that Janet Weiss is one of the greatest drummers I've ever seen live...especially in Quasi form. The connection between her and Sam Coomes puts that group, uh what's their name, oh yeah, the White Stripes to shame. I have to say, though, that I'm glad you didn't give her honorable mention or just put her on the list because you wanted to be progressive and have a woman on your list. I'd also say the tiny Walkmen drummer is pretty great, too. And can I give a special shout-out to Nate? I was extremely impressed when I saw his band in February. Just top notch, I was amazed seeing as he's self taught.

And to be honest, I've only seen one of the drummers on your list (Green) and I would have probably ranked him also. Kudos on the list! I've got a special place in my heart for drummers. They make a band.

comoprozac said...

Funny that you named all the people I realized were inadvertently left off the list. Janet Weiss should be on the list as well as the wee-one from The Walkmen. I did consider including Nate, but it seemed a little biased.

Anonymous said...

That one armed guy in def leppard. ONE ARM!!!

BillySchuh said...

damon che from don caballero and john McEntire from tortoise and josh johannpeter from mahjongg get my votes...

GE said...

Haven't given this too much thought to be honest, but the guy who comes to mind right away is George Hurley of the Minutemen and Firehose. Woah, he is good. Also, he used to have this wild hair that was only long on top that he would flip around while drumming. It just added to the spectacle.

My Name is Bird said...

This is scary for me, i love drummers. I have come up with a list of 25 drummers that i think are the greatest. Most i have seen in person, there are few i haven't (but have probably seen footage of them. So here we go.... in no particular order. *=seen in person

1.Justin Wierbonski (Lincoln, Kukim, Morgantown, WV drummer. Not too many people know of him, those who do know he was the best drummer in 1994 and every band from that era ripped him off and wanted his style. I know i was in a few bands that were heavily influenced by him.)

*2.Shane Hochstetler (Call Me Lightning, Haymarket Riot, Tintoretto, Hero of a 100 fights, etc. The essential drummer of the Milwaukee scene)

*3.Damon Che (Don Caballero, dubbed the octopus of drums, one of the only drummers that is considered a front man, the only original member left of Don Cab, but it doesn't matter cause that band is all him and his drums)

*4.Damon Atkinson (Braid, Hey Mercedes)

*5. Joe Wong (Akarso, Parts and Labor. Another Milwaukee drummer, also a Berkley College graduate.)

*6.Javid Dabestani (Bright Calm Blue, Javid, The Show is The Rainbow. Nebraska drummer, i think he got picked up by a few saddle creek bands to fill in on drums. Could play drums, sing, and twirl sticks all at the same time. Very tight and enertaining. SICK)

*7.Bill Barbot (Jawbox, Burning Airlinse)

*8. John Theodore (Golden, Mars Volta)

9. David Sandstrom (Refused, Text)

10. Darren Zentek (Channels, Kerosene 454)

*11. Todd Ramsey (Prozac Memory, Breaker Morant, Wintergreen. COMO drummer)

*12. Josh Johannpeter (Mahjonng, the souls)

*13. John McEntire (Tortoise, The Sea and Cake)

*14. Mario Rubalcaba (Rocket From The Crypt, Earthless)

15. John Stanier (Battles, Helmet, Tomahawk)

*16. Simone Pace (Blonde Redhead)

*17. Doug Scharin (June of 44, HIM, other Chicago bands)

18. Vin Novara (1.6 Band, Crownhate Ruin, Oswego)

*19. Ryan Nelson (The Most Secret Method, Beauty Pill, tons of other D.C. bands. Did more with a just a snare, kick, and hi-hat then most do with a whole set)

*20. Matt Eberlin (Camp Climax for Girls, Back of Dave)

*21. Todd Trainer (Shellac)

*22. Coady Willis (Big Business, Melvins, Murder City Devils)

*23. Mac McNeilly (The Jesus Lizard)

*24. Ahmed Gallab (Sinkane, Caribou, Sweetheart)

*25. David Turncratz (Russian Circles, Riddle of Steel)

sorry this is so long maybe i should have made it a seperate blog on my page.

comoprozac said...

How did I ever forget Dave Grohl. No, not for his work in Foo Fighters or Tom Petty. He spanked the skins alright for Nirvana. I saw them play once.

Mom said...

I agree that Nate should be on the list - biased or not!

asha said...
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musicisgold said...
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musicisgold said...

Cool little blog. I agree a great deal with your list.
Mine varies slightly. I'd change a few, add a few, simply from my personal viewing live experiences. I'd love to make Steve Gadd my top of the list, but I've never seen him play live. Here goes:

1. Manu Katche- Simply the most versatile drummer right now. Stylish, inventive, seriously on time. I've only seen him play with Sting. I'd like to see him play live sometime on his own terms.

2. Chuck Palmer- Just as versatile as Manu, but is still a few years away from finding his stride. Watching him live is a fun experience. He has a strong stage presence and can play any style, anytime. I bet we'll hear a lot about him over the next decade. He's been involved with Earwig, City & Horses, Exeter Popes, Katie Costello, and others.

3. Stanton Moore- Hearing him on CD is great. Hearing him live is amazing. I love his funk, New Orleans style. I am surprised that Galactic isn't more know than they are. They are the best New Orleans band since the Meters. Stanton definitely gives Galactic their unique vibe.

4. Philip "Fish" Fisher- This guy just goes crazy on the drums. I mean, he plays for Fishbone, one of the best bands ever. Enough said.

5. Isaac Heywood (Ize)- Plays a lot for Nightmares on Wax, Macy Gray, and The Crusaders. The dude has a lot of style. He's less of a rock drummer and more of a soul, hip hop drummer with sophisticated swing.

I'd add 20 more if I could, but I'll follow your format.