Friday, March 28, 2008

A List of Things to Come

This is a list I have of posts I must make on this blog and others...

  1. Beer
  2. NCAA Update
  3. Race/Racism in America
  4. Blogging in the Classroom
  5. Another Pavement Song
  6. The Big Ten
  7. Slow Pace of Societal Reactions
  8. Stupid Misery/Missouri
  9. McCain Statement Pic
  10. Blogger Impersonations
  11. More Concert Memories
  12. Complaints about Teachers and Schools
  13. Some Best of Lists
  14. Recipe for our Misery Lunch
  15. R
  16. Why my plan for weight loss pales in comparison to Pizza's and Lovey's
  17. More record reviews
  18. The ridiculousness of gender selection
  19. Local Politics
  20. etc.

That is all.

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