Monday, March 24, 2008

Cha- Cha- Cha- Changes (which I'm sure was the title of another blog post I recently read but can't remember in order to give credit)

How much will we change?

I've been thinking, talking, and reading a lot about what's in store for us as parents. I know about the natural birth we'll try to execute. I know about the hours of sleep we won't be getting for the first several months (possibly year). I know about time we won't have for each other or our interests. I know about poopy diapers. I know about a lot of these things. Trust me. I'm not going into this blindly.

What I'm not prepared for is how I will change, how we will change. A buddy sent me this article earlier this week and I read this blog shortly after. Both reminded me of the fact that no matter how aware or informed I am, I cannot prepare myself for how I will change.

I realize that I won't ever attend South by Southwest or another Lollapalooza or even Pitchfork's thing, but I hope to wander into the Blue Note or Mojo's once in a while to catch a band. There has to be a babysitter or two out there that can watch the spawn while we hit the Ragtag for some indie films or swallow a couple of Booche's burgers. I have to believe that I'll still blog and listen to new music now and again, but how often will that happen? Will I really have time for the rest of my life? Will we become those parents who disappear off the face of the earth for 18 years? Will we excuse ourselves from dinner parties at 5:30 in order to get the kid to bed?

These are my fears. I've seen it happen to many a good couple. It's as if the kids suck our life force, turning us into shells of what we used to be.

I may be naive, but I won't let it happen. I won't let me change so much that you all don't recognize me or wonder, "Man, having that kid sure has taken away his edge." Sure, things will slow down for a while, but I won't give up what makes me me. I'll continue to blog, find new music, and give my cynical view on all things cultural, political, or whatever.

It should be noted that this post took me three days to complete and it still doesn't feel finished. One might expect this sort of half-assed blogging come September. Don't worry. I have more complete thoughts to share soon.

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