Monday, March 31, 2008

An Impersonation of Good Evening (AKA Areas of My Expertise): My Take on the COMO Politic

ALTHOUGH NO ONE IS REALLY CONCERNED ABOUT MY TAKE ON THE COMO POLITIC, I feel the need to address a few of the major issues here in town. Although, you would be better served to read Jason Rosenbaum's blog on the subject.

FIRST OF ALL, I FULLY SUPPORT THE SMOKING BAN even if all my Libertarian compatriots do not. ALTHOUGH THE SMOKING BAN WAS INSTITUTED SOME TIME AGO, many business leaders won't let the debate die. An economist is now claiming that business is dropping (despite the rumored RECESSION or near-North Dakota-like weather) due ENTIRELY TO THE SMOKING BAN. Well that would make COMO one of the VERY FEW communities to suffer such atrocities. Most communities see no effect on business or even a positive change according to this study.

WHAT IS BEING IGNORED ON THIS ISSUE is the positive effects of a smoking ban on the health of customers and laborers, but what do I know?
ALTHOUGH I HAVE HAD MY PROBLEMS WITH THE SCHOOL SYSTEM IN COMO, I normally will support any ballot measure they put in front of me. However, I MAY HAVE TO RECONSIDER. According to the Tribune, the new elementary being built by the district is WASTEFUL with a capital get the picture. Now, I can't imagine anything more wasteful than the DOUBLE-WIDES (as pictured below) that pass for classrooms now, but I'll trust the report and keep an eye on what the schools do over the next several months before I make my decision on how to vote.
Finally, there is the HOTLY CONTESTED race for the first ward seat on COMO's city council. The diversity of the contenders has been outlined in the Tribune, ONLY TWO OF THESE FOLKS ARE WORTH A SECOND LOOK. The first is the incumbent, Almeta Crayton. As an African-American and longtime resident of the ward, SHE BEST KNOWS THE NEEDS AND STRUGGLES of first ward residents. ON THE OTHER HAND, there are the boyish good-looks and practical know-how of COMO's favorite (or possibly second-favorite) documentary film festival creator, Paul Sturtz. Sturtz has a vision of creating an economic environment that could help the first ward survive COMO's suburban sprawl.

Again, I'll have to keep an eye on this race to see how it plays out.

That is all.

For some way wittier ponderings on our political and cultural landscapes, check out Hodg-Man's blog, Good Evening. (Oh, and yeah, HE'S THE PC GUY.)


Lauren Kilberg said...

I'm a "social" smoker entirely pro-smoking ban. Which means, the only place I smoked (out at bars) is now gone, and I love it. Better for my health and better for the health of others. What is a minor inconvenience has huge benefits. I've seen several business close and blame the smoking ban as the reason, most of which were within only a few short weeks. I think the evidence is doubtful. I'm surprised the debate has carried on this long, especially with the smoking ban seeming to be the way among some of the country's top cities.

comoprozac said...

I used to do that "social smoking" thing back in the day.

I think there are just too many Libertarians around here who don't want to be told what they can and can't do. You make a good point that many of the businesses closed shortly after the ban was enacted. This seems to suggest that their problems had been brewing for some time.

Zach said...

This will sound more judgmental than I intend for it to, but how does the fact that Paul Sturtz dresses like that affect your opinion of him? There are so many things wrong with that outfit, but does that consideration lie outside of any reasonable terms of evaluation? Does the fact that a man can't properly dress himself affect his chance to earn your vote? I (sort of) know him and know that he's a hardworking and worthy individual, but can you look past these glaring errors in something as simple as personal appearance to find someone you can conscientiously elect to a political office?

comoprozac said...

I was attempting to impersonate a comedic writer I admire, but failed miserably.

I do actually like Sturtz beyond his boyish good-looks and fancy suits. I like his vision for making Columbia, particularly the 1st Ward, a better place through progressive policies that strengthen COMO's downtown and controls its sprawl. Right now, I'm leaning his way, but I'm not endorsing anyone yet (as if it matters).

I plan to attend his event on campus Thursday evening. Will you be there?

Zach said...

I think I agree, though it probably has something to do with the fact that he's a Smog fan. But it's all irrelevant because I can't vote here. So no, I probably won't be at his rally thing.

Jake said...

I like the ban mostly for the fact that once I arrive home I don't have to wash my clothes three times before they smell linen fresh again.

comoprozac said...

Admission: I didn't actually attend the Paul Sturtz thing once I realized that it was for college students. I already feel creepy going to shows and hanging out at bars with college kids. I didn't need free pizza to make up my mind about Sturtz.