Monday, December 17, 2007

Eric Whiting Remembered

It is obvious from the comments on this blog, emails I've received, and comments on Eric's MySpace page that he will be missed by many. I only wish one of us could have done more to help Eric. But what could we have done?

Many of us will never know what really happened this week. Although Eric brought a lot of joy to our lives, we all know of the difficulties he faced. Either way, it's a tragedy to lose such a friend.

Like everyone, I will move on. I will keep Eric's memory with me during this Christmas season, and I will be thinking of all of you who lost a close friend, colleague, teacher, brother, uncle, and fiance.

I will go back to blogging about inconsequential things. The original post will stay on this blog. You can bookmark this link in order to read it and its many comments whenever you want to remember Eric.

For those of you who don't normally read blogs, a blog is an ongoing conversation. This means that it does not have to end once new topics are posted. You can continue to return to the original post whenever you need to remember Eric and the good times you had with him.

Thanks for all those who shared their stories and thoughts on Eric's life and sudden death. I know that it makes it easier for all of us to know that Eric had touched so many lives.

(This link will take you to Eric's obituary.)

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Jodi said...

Eric was one of the most special friends. There was something between us that few ever have the chance to experience in life and for that I am grateful. Although we lived so very far apart he knew that I was only a phone call away. I spoke with him last Thursday morning and I never expected to get the call I did on Friday, like the rest of you I have lost an extremely special person in my life. I keep reminding myself how many times I have done something and in the next moment wish I had not. I have to believe this is what happened to Eric. My heart is heavy with the lost of Eric as he brighten many of my days just by calling or e-mailing, Eric was an amazing man and wanted to be the best he could be at everything he did. I will always love Eric he is now my hearts angel! Eric you will forever be penciled in....Love You!